Make your data work for you.

Generative AI empowers your team with easy answers and actionable insights. Get ROI in 8-12 weeks.

Introducing Easy Answers™

App Orchid is like ChatGPT… but with all of your company’s data loaded on it. A revolutionary natural language interface for business data, Easy Answers enables blazing-fast decisions and exceptional business outcomes.

Show suppliers with spare parts meters with wiring problems properties affected by storms contracts with uncapped liabilities

Supply Chain

Service customers 70% faster after anticipating customer behavior.

Asset Operations

Rapidly identify asset failure patterns and reduce downtime.

Customer Service

Anticipate customer needs based on internal systems and external data.

Supply Chain

Finish contracts 80% faster by analyzing millions of contracts and creating bespoke solutions.

Call Center

Immediately access all relevant customer data.


Optimize routes and resources, and reduce work order execution time by 20%.

Packaged Goods

Minimize stockouts and overstocks by calculating accurate risk scores.


Segment customers, analyze brand interactions, and tailor marketing.

Optimize investments and resources

Expedite informed decisions

Increase profitability

Innovate faster

Business Benefits

Easy Answers combines generative AI, conversational AI, a data-agnostic approach, flexible ML. models and dynamic visualization to unleash your data’s potential.

Are you ready to see how Easy Answers and AI-powered apps can propel your business to greater heights?

a better enterprise demands better tools

Get rapid time to value. Easy Answers gives every employee a natural language interface to analyze structured and unstructured data, including contextual external data. With AI/ML models, users can uncover insights with dynamic visualizations so they make faster, smarter decisions.

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