Gain a Competitive Edge with Apps

  • Strategy-first approach
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Unity or web app development
  • iOS and Android with one codebase

Featured app: Pug Life

Could an app grow your business?

Apps can be an innovative way to reach new customers, engage prospects, or streamline your business operations. Of course, apps can also be a fun way to express yourself, share your vision with the world, and (if you’re lucky) bring in some recurring revenue.

Unity, Buildbox, Native or Web Development

Deploy your app to iOS and Android from one Unity or Buildbox codebase, build natively, or build your app for the web.

UX Design

Create a wonderful user experience thanks to our screen-by-screen wire framing process.

Design Details

Polish your app with beautiful layouts, colors, icons, illustrations, transitions, and animations.

Quality Assurance

Ensure a high-functioning final product with real user tests to optimize usability and eradicate bugs.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your website, Facebook, and almost any application you need.

Brand Building

Maximize every opportunity to shine a light on your brand, including your product and serve offerings.

Win people’s attention in a noisy world with a unique app.

Featured app: Stake Your Stash (iOS / Android)

Don’t just hire a programmer, hire a strategy partner.

Your app doesn’t just need to work as a piece of design and technology. It also needs to serve a unique place in the app ecosystem, benefit users in ways they can easily understand, attract attention, and retain users for the long term. We can help you!

Mobile Strategy

Get our expertise as we research your competitive landscape and assist with product positioning.

Marketing Strategy

Learn from our experience with Facebook ads, influencer marketing, and in-app advertising.

Growth Strategy

Collaborate with us to find a roadmap for growing your daily active users and revenue.

What can your business accomplish with an app?

Featured app: Blackjack 21

With a business app, you can…

  • Help sales agents give quotes in the field
  • Create a customer rewards or referral program
  • Make it easier for users to leave reviews
  • Conduct market research surveys
  • Send push notifications for sales and special events
  • Allow users to book appointment or buy products

With an entertainment app, you can…

  • Sell digital, physical, or information products
  • Augment or enhance a physical product that you sell
  • Earn a small amount of revenue from ads
  • Engage customers with interactive experiences that reflect your brand proposition
  • Win PR opportunities by creating a newsworthy, shareable app
  • Offer a rewarding experience that naturally leads people to buy your primary products or services

Initiate and supervise your project in less than 10 hours of your time.

Featured app: Vampire Treasure Slots

How does it work?

We start with an in-depth strategy session. Our job in this session is to convince you not to make an app at all. We’ll review successes and failures in your niche, and discuss pitfalls you may not be aware of.

Next we’ll give you an overview what’s ahead and help you assess whether your project is a worthwhile risk for your company.

5 minutes

1. Schedule your free strategy session.

Choose a day and time that is convenient for you for your strategy session.

30 minutes

2. Complete your strategy session.

We’ll call you via phone, Zoom or Skype. Our first priority will be to help you determine the metrics that matter for your business and the numbers you need for your project to be successful. We’ll then briefly discuss some key considerations, such as your competitive landscape, your go-to-market strategy, your development investment, and ongoing maintenance and growth opportunities for your project.

10 minutes

3. Commission project specifications.

We’ll send you an offer for us to write your project specifications. The specifications document lists every feature your app will have and contains details on the app’s logic (if user does X, then Y happens, etc). Our specifications documents are famously long, but thorough and completely customized to your app’s unique needs.

2 hours

4. Refine project specifications.

We’ll work with you to refine the specifications document so that it aligns with your business goals, marketing needs, and development budget. One free round of revisions is included with your project specifications. We’ll schedule a call to go over the document and get your input line-by-line.

1 hour

5. Sign contract and send deposit.

You can use the project specifications we prepare to work with us or any development company of your choice. If you choose to work with us, we’ll prepare a contract for you to sign. After you sign and send your deposit (typically 20% of project cost), we’ll begin work developing your app.

1 hour

6. Review UX designs.

UX stands for user experience. UX designs show the screen layouts for your mobile or web app, including anything you see onscreen: text, graphics, buttons, popups. We’ll send you UX designs in grayscale so that you can focus on the user flow and functionality of your app. Once you’re satisfied that the the user flow is intuitive and all the functionality is smartly designed, we’ll request the next milestone (usually 10% of project cost) before proceeding with the next development stage.

1 hour

7. Review UI designs.

UI stands for user interface. In this stage, we make the grayscale screens come alive with final typography, color, photos, icons, and illustrations. Once you’re pleased with the look of your app, we’ll request the next milestone (typically 20% of final project cost) before proceeding to the next stage.

0 minutes

8. Sit back and relax (mostly).

Depending on your project requirements, you may need to create and share certain types of account credentials. We’ll guide you on this to make sure you create the account types your company needs. While you wait (often for 4-12 weeks, depending on complexity), our team will prepare the alpha (initial) version of your app by programming your app’s front-end (user-facing) components as well as its back-end (web and server components). To keep you informed throughout this long process, we usually send periodic updates every 2 weeks stating what has been accomplished and what we’re doing next. When possible, we’ll include videos showing new functionality as we implement it.

1 hour

9. Review app alpha.

We’ll send you the alpha version of your app to test. We’ll invite you to schedule a phone call to review any issues you observe one-by-one. In many cases, you may simply notice features that we haven’t quite finished, but in other cases your review notes will help us to identify a feature that wasn’t set up exactly as intended. Usually in a 30 minute phone call we can take notes on all issues remaining in the app. Providing you’re satisfied that 80-90% of the app’s features are complete, we’ll send an invoice for an alpha milestone (typically 20% of your project cost)

1 hour

10. Review release candidate.

We’ll use your notes to prepare a version of the app that we can potentially release publicly. We’ll send you a version to preview. If you notice any issues, let us know by email or schedule another phone call to share your notes.

1 hour

11. Publish, send payment, and receive code.

When the release candidate delivers all the functionality listed in your project specifications, the app will be considered complete. Beyond this, we will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate any last requests to make sure your app lives up to your highest expectations. If there are any issues getting an app approved by Apple or Google, we’ll also make reasonable efforts (including appeals or functionality modifications) to accommodate the app reviewers’ requests. Once the finished app is delivered, your final payment will be due (typically 30% of your project cost). After this is paid, we’ll transfer the app to your developer accounts if you request and send you the finished source code.

Variable Time

12. Market your app.

We wish we could say it’s all “happy ever after” from here, but launching your app is just the beginning. We’re still around to guide you with Facebook ads, influencer marketing, do-it-yourself marketing, in-app advertising, app updates, and more. We guarantee clients a minimum of 3 free 1-hour consultations after your app launches in order to help you get the most out of your new app.

Delight your audience and grow your business with stunning digital experiences.

Featured app: Epic Color Spin

See our work.

We’ve created dozens of apps for clients. Here’s a sample.

Start Your App Development Project Today

You’re invited to schedule a free strategy session. During your session you’ll learn:

  • what your app idea would cost to develop
  • what marketing and distribution strategies are likely to work best for your idea
  • what revenue generators are likely to work best for your idea
  • our best assessment of your app’s commercial viability

Your strategy session is an opportunity to assess whether an app is right for your business or your auxiliary income goals.

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