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Most people spend hours a day using apps. Apps can help you sell online, collect business leads, attract new email subscribers, promote your brand to a worldwide audience, streamline your business operations, or generate passive income on virtual in-app purchases and advertising. As a marketing company, Nexus Marketing is uniquely capable of helping you expand your vision so that you can get even more out of your app strategy than you ever imagined. Schedule a free call with a us and let’s talk!

Why Work with Nexus?

One Codebase

Deploy to iOS and Android from one Unity or Buildbox codebase, build natively, or create for the web.

Guaranteed Completion

Your final payment isn't due until two weeks after your app is live on the app stores or the web.

Enahnce Your Brand

As a marketing company, we look for opportunities for your app to generate revenue or new business leads.

Market Research

Leverage our expertise in researching your competitive landscape and finding a competitive advantage.

Marketing Support

We'll guide you to the right opportunities to promote your app, or we can handle marketing for you.

Growth Strategy

Collaborate with us to find a roadmap for growing your daily active users and revenue.

UX Design

Create a fantastic user experience with our years of experience and screen-by-screen wireframing process.

UI Design

Your app will have a beautiful user interface complete with a consistent design philosophy and "juicy" animations.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate your app with any web service that offers a public API (Application Programming Interface).

Delight your audience and grow your business with stunning digital experiences.

App Development Portfolio

Emoji Apps

Pug Life allows people to text using a custom pug keyboard. From the main app, users can type in keywords to search for relevant emoji, tap to select an emoji, and then share the emoji on platforms like Messages, Messenger, WhatsApp and more. Ana Fonseca created original illustrations for the app, bringing the pug’s lovable personality to life. Pug Life has an avid fanbase on social media with over 3,500 followers on Facebook.

Barney the Owl’s tired curmudgeon personality has resonated with fans around the world. In addition to the keyboard functionality, the app also invites people to buy from the shop, share the app with friends, email feedback and request emoji, write a review, or follow the app’s page on social media.

Fish Emoji puts a unique twist on an emoji app. In addition to the emoji keyboard, the app allows users to decorate their photos with stickers and share the photos with friends. This app’s 3D illustrations pop right off the screen with vivid color and imaginative charm.

LOL Cats brings classic cat memes to Messages with relevant text-able phrases and illustrations. Built using Nexus Marketing’s original emoji app template, LOL Cats allows users to purchase merchandise, search for phrases, and send emoji through third-party messaging apps.

Puzzle and Trivia Games

Scratch Phrase is a popular new puzzle game from the creator of the hit game Phase 10. This unique game invites people to scratch a card then guess the phrase depicted on the card. Four power-ups help users through challenging levels including “reveal a letter, remove letters, reveal the image, and solve the puzzle.

Stake Your Stash is a new twist on a trivia app from the creator of the international bestselling game Phase 10. In this game, players test their trivia knowledge against friends, global trivia fans, or artificial intelligence opponents. With every play, users get to spin a dial to choose how much they would like to wager. Winnings multiply depending on how confident the user is in their answer.

Photo Apps

StupidFox invites people to turn their photos into fun comic strip scenes. The app allows users to add creative stickers to their photos, swipe for filters, add comic book style text, and share their creations on social media. The app features 75 stickers from Emily Chan’s beloved StupidFox character.

Santa Claus Photo Booth lets users turn ordinary photos into festive holiday cards for their friends and family. The app’s collection of stickers includes selfie decorations, characters, prints, and greeting messages. When the user completes their creation, they can share via Messages, Instagram, or any other social network that publishes images.

Featured on Yahoo News and ranking in the top 100 Photo/Video apps in the United States, HipstaCam gives users 140 hilarious graphics that they use to turn themselves into hipsters. The app promotes the e-commerce jewelry and apparel store Hippie Hope Shop.

Hyper Casual Games

As a wheel in the center of the screen turns, players tap the screen to shoot a series of balls toward the wheel. If two balls collide, the player has to repeat the level. With over 170 levels, the game can challenge even the most skilled players for hours on end. A rate button, leaderboard, remove ads button, and share option round out the game’s features.

As each tap changes the ball’s direction, players tap away to guide the ball up through each successive opening. The game challenges the player’s concentration and instincts, while background colors and effects create a hypnotic environment that draws players into the gameplay experience.

Impossible is a simple game where the player is challenged to match the oncoming shapes by touching or releasing the screen. As shapes descend, the player must instinctively choose whether to tap or release the screen to match each successive shape. The game gets faster and faster, putting players’ instincts to the ultimate test. Advertising monetizes the game and eager players patiently wait for each ad to finish in order to play another round.

In this dial challenge, a line spins inside a multi-colored dial. Players tap the screen whenever the line’s color matches the color on a section of the dial where the line points. Players can compete on the leaderboard, remove ads, or challenge their friends.

In this game, a ninja faces a sea of giant sushi and the user touches and holds the screen to guide the ninja safely around the sushi. Players can pass through 20 levels, share their high score and challenge their friends, compete on the leaderboard, or remove ads.

Casino Games

This casino game takes users into the magical world of the circus. From lions and tigers jumping through fire rings, to elephants and seals balancing on balls, to rabbits popping out of hats, this slot machine experience brings back player’s happy memories of the circus. Fun mini-games, bonuses, and special prizes enhance the experience while video ads yield a passive revenue stream for the game’s owner.

Big Shot 7’s lets slot machine fans play over 30 lines on 5 reels, use wilds and bonuses, and enjoy fun mini-games. Special effects and sparkling graphics create an exciting casino experience. Video advertisements and in-app purchases deliver consistent revenue to the app’s owner.

Lucky Pup Wild Casino brings the fun of real pet-themed slot machines to the palm of our users’ hands. Exciting animations, adorable graphics, and flashy effects recreate a casino experience without requiring players to spend real money. Video ads and premium in-app purchases ensure the app monetizes consistently for the app’s owner.

This classic Blackjack game draws users in with beautiful graphics, a simple user experience, and a clean user interface. In the game, players aim to hit 21 without going bust. Users can compete on the game’s leaderboard, level up to place bigger bets, and toggle Insurance, Surrender, and Soft 17 as desired.

Education Apps

Grump Meter is an interactive tool used by parents, educators, and psychologists to teach children about emotions, help children regulate their emotions, and track emotions over time. Children are prompted to draw their own “Grump Meter” with each part of the meter describing a particular emotion. When a child starts getting agitated, parents can ask their child to select what anger level they’re experiencing. The app then provides suggestions to help the child return to a calm state.

F for Fox teaches kids their ABCs with delightful character illustrations. Ana Fonseca provided original artwork, bringing warmth and a sense of humor to the alphabet. Narration and letter sounds help children interactively learn each letter as they progress through each virtual page.

Health & Fitness

Hussle allows customers to work out at thousands of gyms, pools and spas around the UK without locking into any longterm contracts, inductions, or sign-up fees.

ROMWOD offers daily videos to help customers optimize their range of motion, boost athletic performance, and accelerate recovery. The name ROMWOD stands for Range of Motion Workout of the Day. ROMWOD is the Official Mobility Partner of The CrossFit Games, USA Weightlifting, Rogue Invitational, and Wodapalooza.

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