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The number of channels you can use to reach your audience can become overwhelming. That’s why we always offer a free, 1-hour, 1-on-1 consultation to help you identify a strategy that makes sense for your business goals and budget.


Publish content that ranks on Google, bringing you new website visitors and customers.

Email Marketing

Onboard subscribers, promote events and sales, and keep your fans updated.


Talk to industry experts to build relationships, teach customers, and enhance your credibility.

Public Relations

Increase public awareness, establish trust, and build backlinks for your SEO strategy.


Research the keywords you want to rank for and establish a game plan to rank for them.

Social Media

Work with influencers and engage your following with creative posts and events.

✔ Grow your brand.
✔ Rank higher online.
✔ Reach new customers.
✔ Increase repeat purchases.

Content Marketing Portfolio

Blogging & Lead Magnets

Your website’s sales pages will rarely rank on Google unless a lot of people are already searching specifically for your products. This is why blog posts are so vital. While blogging, you can answer questions related to your industry that are of interest to customers.

Every blog post should target a specific keyword that a high volume of potential customers are searching for. In this case, we targeted “mental triggers,” which receives about 720 Google search queries every month.

To establish a blogging strategy, narrow down your focus to just a few topics related to your company’s mission and products.

For Brandes Wellness, a fitness trainer in New York City, we suggested writing posts that would help their customers achieve their ideal body. In this blog post, we targeted the Google search query “are carbs bad for you.” This topic is Googled 4,400 times per month, which suggests that there are enough Internet searchers who may find the webpage for this to be a worthwhile article to write and publish.

Articles written for SEO should include:

  • 1,500+ words
  • Guiding subheadings (H2 and H3 headers)
  • Outbound links to sources
  • Internal links to other pages on your website
  • A visually engaging layout
  • Descriptive, long-tail keywords

Since Colorado Classic Exteriors specializes in installing energy-efficient windows, we targeted a variety of search terms in this article related to keeping a house warm during winter.

One of the best ways to attract leads online is with a lead magnet PDF download. Your PDF can be as short as 1 page or as long as a full-length (3,000+ word) ebook. No matter the length, your lead magnet must deliver real value for the person who downloads it.

We crafted this ebook for Learn2Franchise, a company that helps people find the perfect franchise for their personality, interests, and individual circumstances.

Email Marketing

Are you using email marketing in your business? Did you know the median ROI of email marketing is over 100%?

We designed this custom email for the Boise State University Alumni and Friends Center. We can write email sequences for your business and design beautiful email templates to go with them.

Most businesses should have the following email sequences:

  • a welcome sequence to welcome customers to your list
  • an onboarding sequence to educate or support new customers
  • an abandoned cart sequence to get shoppers to return to a shopping cart
  • a re-engagement sequence to bring back customers who haven’t bought in a while
  • a regular newsletter to keep your followers updated on news, offers, freebies, and new content from your brand

Need help writing marketing emails? These are just a couple of the emails we wrote for Deliberate Directions.

We’d love to help you take advantage of the exceptional opportunity email marketing offers to engage new buyers and re-engage your existing customers.


Could a podcast help you attract new clients? We produce the Deliberate Leaders Podcast for Deliberate Directions to share the best new ideas in leadership. A podcast like this helps you:

  • increase the value of your network
  • expand your online audience
  • position yourself as an authority
  • connect more personally with your followers
  • discuss interesting experiences and new ideas
  • build backlinks for SEO

Public Relations

PR is much easier than in the past! Hundreds of journalists and bloggers submit requests on Cision’s daily HARO newsletters. The moment these requests go out, there’s a race among PR and SEO specialists to get their clients featured.

Nexus Marketing can respond to bloggers and journalists on your behalf to help you get quoted in prominent blogs, newspapers, and online magazines. Getting quoted carries a substantial reward for your business. Not only do you generate social proof (“featured in…”), but you also collect high domain authority backlinks. These great backlinks will dramatically increase your website traffic.

In this example, our client Deliberate Directions is featured in Clutch, The Ladders, and HR Dive from a single PR “hit” in Clutch.

Urgent project? No problem. Long-term strategy? We can help with that too.

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