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If you’re serious about marketing, you have to be serious about video marketing.

Did you know?

  1. 66% of people prefer learning about a product through video rather than text.
  2. Video is 50 times more likely than text to appear on Page 1 of Google.
  3. People stay on a website 2 minutes longer if the website features a video, nearly doubling their average dwell time.
  4. Video gets 1,200% more social shares than images and text combined.
  5. People are more likely to buy after watching a brand film or product demo.
  6. Companies that use video grow 50% faster than companies that don’t.

Video Production Services


Make a big impression on a big audience.

Brand Films

Introduce your company and what you stand for.

Product Demos

Demo your latest products for investors, trade shows, and customers.

Social Media Ads

Get more people to engage with your online ads.

Explainer Videos

Teach people how to get the most out of your product or service.

Highlight “Sizzle” Reels

Show off your company’s best work.


Build trust by interviewing customers, team members, or industry experts.

Social Content

Engage people on social media with fun micro-content.

Tour Videos

Take everyone on a VIP tour of your real estate, office, or other property.

See why businesses and agencies choose Nexus Marketing for video produciton.

Video Production Portfolio

J.D. Power Awards Ad

Type: Commercial
Client: Texas Farm Bureau, created through D Custom


Type: Product Demo
Client: Airway Management, created through Commerce House

Billionaire Experience

Type: Social Media Ad
Client: Worify Media

Only Highlights Camera

Type: App Preview Video
Client: Chris and Kenny Curtis, to promote Only Highlights Camera app


Type: Explainer Video
Client: ModernHawk, LLC

1-800 Water Damage Testimonial

Type: Testimonial Video
Client: 1-800 Water Damage

Valentine’s Day Ad

Type: Social Media Ad
Client: Texas Farm Bureau, created through D Custom

Splatt App Demo

Type: Explainer Video
Client: Splatt, LLC

App Reel

Type: Highlight Reel
Client: Wharton Apps

Coaching Techniques with Marshall Goldsmith

Type: Interview
Client: Deliberate Directions

Jos Zamzow Talks About His Whetstone Mastermind Group

Type: Interview
Client: Deliberate Directions

Window Installation FAQ

Type: Interview
Client: Colorado Classic Exteriors

Holiday Card

Type: Social Content
Client: Insigniam, created through D Custom

8 Step Hiring Process

Type: Social Content
Client: Deliberate Directions

360 Review

Type: Social Content
Client: Texas Farm Bureau, created through D Custom

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