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Who is Brett Wharton?

Brett is a full stack developer for websites and apps. He’s the owner of Nexus Marketing, the website manager for Deliberate Directions, and the programmer behind apps Pug Life and Scratch Phrase.

I’ve been programming since 2014.

My first app was an iOS app called PixtaCam. The app let users add animated stickers to their photos.

The internet moves fast. Snapchat filters came out in 2015. (RIP PixtaCam.) But this first project got me interested in building interactive experiences.

With each project, I grew my skillset.

At first, building UI and frontend seemed the most fun. So I learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Then I wanted to build whole websites independently. So I learned PHP / Laravel for backend programming.

Frontend frameworks were getting popular, so I learned React and Angular, and I started programming with them.

Many clients requested that I code backends, so I studied node.js, Python / Django, .Net and Ruby on Rails.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • designing and animating web content for State Farm, IBM, Aflac, Skittles, SoBe and Wrigley
  • contributing animation to commercial and web videos for Comcast, Google, Sherwin Williams, Nationwide, and Fruit Snacks
  • ranking my first website client on the first page of Google for the search term “business coach”
  • delivering web and app products to over 50 clients
  • building the app Which Wich as part of a team
  • getting featured in Yahoo News, the App Store, Time Out, and NewsBreak
  • buying vaccines for 500 people and supporting other causes for global equity and climate change action

Want to work together?

Today I live in Boston and work as a top-rated freelancer on UpWork.

When I’m not working, I enjoy blogging, taking photos, coaching entrepreneurs, reading The New York Times, following marketing trends, and making sure I don’t miss a single great movie or restaurant.

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