Tripling Organic Search Traffic and Increasing Client Bookings

How a Business Consulting Firm Is Designing Its Future With Investments in Online Marketing

Uncovering Client Objectives

Deliberate Directions is a business consulting firm in Boise, Idaho. The owner, Allison Dunn, was referred to Nexus Marketing by a connection who had previously worked with Nexus to develop a website.

Client Request and End Goal

Allison wanted to improve the organic search rankings for Deliberate Directions so that more people online could discover her business. Her end goal was to increase booking for business consulting sessions and applications for the company’s Whetstone mastermind groups.

Key Performance Indicators

We determined that the Key Performance Indicators for SEO would be:

  • percentage increase in organic search rankings
  • percentage increase in organic website traffic
  • percentage increase in video viewership
  • number of strategy sessions scheduled
  • number of Whetstone mastermind applications

Designing a Marketing Strategy

Nexus put together a 3-part strategy to help more people discover Deliberate Directions, book consulting sessions, and apply for its Whetstone groups.

1. Build a New Website

Rebuild the Deliberate Directions website in WordPress to achieve a more consistent design aesthetic, target more keywords, and optimize each page for conversion.

2. Publish Written Content

Publish “Success Guides” — in-depth articles with actionable steps for dealing with business challenges — to build authority with Google and business owners.

3. Produce Video Content

Produce video content to engage our target audience (business owners and executives) on the Deliberate Directions email list, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Building a New Website

Nexus launched the new Deliberate Directions website in 2019. We prioritized the website in order to create a solid foundation for future SEO work and to immediately put in place a more optimal platform for generating leads.

Website Design, Usability, and Functionality

The website is completely mobile responsive. It prominently features the company’s #1 call-to-action (“Book a Strategy Session”) throughout the site. It highlights key messages visually using icons, fresh photography, and scannable headlines. Finally, a new menu structure and layout makes it easier for people to find the company’s services, learn more about the company, access free resources, and click through to its social media.

Website Technology Stack

We built the new website using WordPress and Elementor. This provided a significant SEO and functional upgrade over Wix, the company’s former website creation tool. WordPress powers more than 40% of the world’s websites, and Elementor is the top drag-and-drop website creation plugin for WordPress. We chose these two technologies so that we could produce a professional website efficiently that our client could also edit if needed without any advanced HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

Publishing Written Content

Great content is the foundation of any SEO strategy, so our next step was to produce outstanding written content that Google would recommend to Internet searchers and that our target audience would find useful.

Using Long-Form Content to Increase Rankings

We encouraged Deliberate Directions to take the bold step of removing a blog that had not received significant traction over the last few years and start fresh with a new approach.

Instead of writing 300-500 word blog posts, we asked Deliberate Directions to invest in long-form content generally ranging from 1,500-3,000 words per article.

We branded the new articles as “Success Guides” and positioned them as detailed step-by-step instructions for the company’s core audience of business owners and executives.

Curating Quality Content Economically

In today’s global online environment, customers choose what brands to trust based on the media they see online when they search for information. For a coaching or consulting business, the best way to establish trust is to present information to customers on the topics they search for, and to establish credibility by associating with high quality publications and thought leaders.

We curated content by writing articles on topics that are relevant to Deliberate Directions customers and by collecting guest posts by prominent authors like Kim Scott and Alan Melton.

Early SEO Results: 567% Increase in Rankings

Within a year, Deliberate Directions more than tripled its organic search traffic. In January 2019, Deliberate Directions ranked for just 109 keywords. By December, the company ranked for 727 keywords.

Articles about topics like “growth mindset” and “laws of leadership” helped Deliberate Directions expand its national reach. This not only built awareness for the company, it also brought in numerous client appointments from people nationwide who specifically said they discovered Deliberate Directions online.

Producing Video Content

Next, we focused on creating videos, the most popular form of online content among our target audience.

We had two goals in mind. First, we wanted to provide value to the Deliberate Directions Facebook and LinkedIn audience. Second, we wanted to reach more people via YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. We were especially interested in reaching people nationwide who might not have heard about Deliberate Directions.

Initial Approach to Video

We began by shooting a few how-to videos with the company’s owner and lead executive advisor, Allison Dunn.

Viewers responded well to the videos, but the process of shooting the footage was not as engaging as we believed it should be for Allison.

Pivot After Client Feedback

Allison confided that she was not particularly enjoying the process of speaking directly into the camera. For best results, making videos can and should be an enjoyable process. When you’re having a good time, your audience will be more inclined to spend time with you.

In her consulting business, Allison thrives on engaging directly with other people. With this in mind, Nexus proposed switching to a video interview format. This would enable Allison to share ideas with her audience directly from business leaders and subject matter experts who she respects.

Allison loved the idea, so we recorded our first video interview in June 2019 with business author Barry Moltz.

Allison enjoyed producing videos in the new format, and so did the CEOs and authors we contacted. Within our first 20 interviews, we were privileged to speak to some of Allison’s favorite authors including Marshall Goldsmith, Marc Allen, and John Spence.

Early Traction for Video Marketing: 1,000+ Views

In six months, Nexus grew the Deliberate Directions YouTube channel to 24 subscribers and well over 1,000 views. We also exceeded 1,100 minutes viewed on Facebook, up 136% from the previous 6-month period.

Delivering Results

Client Investment

Deliberate Directions made a modest investment by purchasing 15 hours per week of our online marketing services. This is a great starting point for small businesses that want to invest in their future growth, but are not yet ready to hire a full time marketing specialist or work with an expensive traditional agency.

With the time we had available, we made significant headway toward helping Deliberate Directions achieve its business goals.

Results for Key Performance Indicators

In one year, Nexus has helped Deliberate Directions to:

  • improve organic search rankings by 567%
  • triple organic website traffic
  • increase video viewership by more than 1,000%
  • increase booking for business consulting sessions
  • fill new Whetstone mastermind groups
  • grow its audience on social media

SEO Results for Google Maps Rankings

By building a platform nationally, Deliberate Directions has also strengthened its position locally.

Whenever someone in the Boise area searches for “business coach” or “business coaching,” Deliberate Directions consistently appears in the lucrative Google Maps “local pack.” The three businesses that appear in a Google “local pack” generally receive 30% of clicks, while expensive pay-per-click ads typically receive less than 10%.

SEO Results for Local Organic Search Rankings

As of January 2020, Deliberate Directions ranks #2 in Boise organic search results underneath Hubspot for the keyword “business coach.” It also ranks on the first page for “business coaching.”

Based on typical cost-per-click rates for Google Ads, the value of Deliberate Directions’s local search rankings is greater than the monthly spend that Deliberate Directions invests to continue expanding its platform.


Deliberate Directions is on an exciting growth trajectory. The business was already doing well thanks to exceptional client services, low customer churn, and outstanding referral rates. Now, thanks in part to its investment in online marketing, Deliberate Directions is seeing even stronger growth quarter after quarter.

The Value of Building a Platform

Often a company that is growing through person-to-person referrals will relax their marketing efforts. However, it’s never a good idea to rely on a single unpredictable source of new customers for your business.

Deliberate Directions saw the value in building a national platform that could attract customers on an ongoing basis. Our focused but multi-channel approach has created a diversified range of opportunities for people to discover Deliberate Directions and engage with the company.

Next Steps for a Growing Platform

Today we’re continuing to make the Deliberate Directions platform even stronger with new articles and videos. We’re expanding the company’s digital footprint with podcasts, webinars, and earned media placements. Finally, we’re focusing on conversion optimization to make sure that more people who land on the website schedule a strategy session or submit an application to join a Whetstone mastermind group.

How You Can Build Your Platform

If you’re a business consultant, life coach, relationship advisor, personal fitness trainer, or any other kind of expert specialist, you’re welcome to call our office at 208-921-6474 or schedule a free strategy session with Nexus Marketing’s owner, Brett Wharton. We guaranty you will come away with an action plan for growing your business that aligns with your current resources and goals.

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