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17 ChatGPT Prompts to Revolutionize Your YouTube Workflow

Are you tired of spending hours thinking of catchy titles, summarizing content, writing social media posts, or emailing sponsors?

Alec Wilcock shared some ChatGPT prompts that can help you speed up your video creation process. From coming up with thumbnail ideas to replying to comments, these prompts will streamline your YouTube workflow and improve your content!

Let’s get started.

Brainstorming Tips

Write Blog Post Titles

Coming up with catchy and SEO-friendly blog post titles can be a challenge. ChatGPT can make it easier.

Simply type:

“List 5 potential titles for a blog post about [topic].“

Now ChatGPT will generate a list of ideas for you!

You can select the title that best fits your needs, or use one of Chat’s titles as a starting point.

Brainstorm Ideas for YouTube Videos

If ChatGPT has done anything, it’s to eliminate the horror of the blank page.

Just type:

“Write 10 ideas for a YouTube video about [topic].“

ChatGPT will spit out a list of potential video ideas for you.

You can now select the one that seems more relevant to your audience.

Generate YouTube Titles

A subject is one thing, but on social media, titles are vital.

You want titles that are catchy and SEO-friendly. It takes time to come up with the perfect title… but not nearly as much as it used to!

Call on Chat:

“Give me alternate titles for my YouTube video about [your original title].”

ChatGPT will give you a list of potential variations to choose from. Now you can pick one or Frankenstein one from Chat’s suggestions.

Research Tips

Summarize Videos

Stop watching 12-minute videos. Read 2-minute summaries instead!

Just type:

“Summarize from transcript: [paste transcript here].”

ChatGPT will summarize all the main points in the transcript you shared.

If you need a more detailed summary, I’ve found that ChatGPT works best when you ask it to summarize about 800 words at a time. To do this:

  • Open the YouTube video you want to summarize and copy the URL.
  • Go to, paste the URL and hit Enter.
  • Select the transcript from top to bottom and press Command-C.
  • Open a TextEdit document.
  • Press Command-Alt-Shift-V to paste your text without formatting.
  • Click within the text. Press Command A to select all text.
  • Press Command-Alt-F (a shortcut for “Find and replace”).
  • Delete anything in the Find field, then press Alt-Enter (the shortcut for a line break).
  • Next to “Replace”, click “All” to replace all the line breaks.
  • Open a Google Document formatted for 8.5 x 11” paper.
  • Press Command-Alt-Shift-V to paste your text without formatting.
  • Select the text from the first page of your Google Doc and press Command-C.
  • Open ChatGPT. Type: “Summarize from transcript:”
  • Press Shift-Enter to start a new line. Now paste the text from your Google Doc into ChatGPT.
  • Press Enter to have ChatGPT summarize the roughly 800 words of transcript text.
  • Next, return to your Google Doc, copy the second page of text, and repeat the process. Chat will respond by summarizing the second page of text.
  • Carry on until you finish summarizing the video, regardless of how long it is.

It’s amazing how fast you can now learn and research!

Find Uncommon Knowledge

It’s vital to teach your audience something new and surprising if you want to hold their attention.

Chat is brilliant at this. Ask:

“What is something not many people know about [topic]?”

In response, ChatGPT will provide information on your topic that might not be widely known.

Alternatively, you can instruct Chat:

“Give me some facts about [topic].”

Chat will respond by giving you a list of interesting facts. Beware though, you should fact check material like this. ChatGPT’s creators have warned that Chat will casually make up facts and (as of 2023) lacks the ability to fact check itself.

Writing Tips

Reword Text

A common mistake when using ChatGPT is not giving it enough direction.

Specify the tone of voice you want. I paste the following bulleted instructions into Chat with lots of my requests:

– Use a personal tone with SEO blogger Brian Dean‘s writing style.

– Use “you” language. Don’t say “we”. Avoid saying “I”, but you can occasionally when expressing a point of view.

– Use bullets where appropriate.

– Keep paragraphs short.

– Dive into the details. 

– Do not plagiarize anything.

Ask for Audience Feedback

If you want to improve your YouTube videos, get feedback from your audience.

ChatGPT can generate questions that you can ask your viewers.

Call on Chat:

“Give me 5 questions to ask my audience about my last YouTube video.”

ChatGPT will provide a list of questions you can drop at the end of your video.

Editing Tips

Simplify Text

When discussing complex subjects on YouTube, you need to make sure your audience can follow along. 

If the material is too dense, ask Chat to simplify it:

“Simplify text in less than 5 sentences: [your text].”

ChatGPT will provide a simpler explanation. If you want, just type “Simplify” and hit enter, then Chat will simplify your subject even further.

Remove Duplicates

It’s easy to repeat yourself or use your favorite phrases repeatedly when writing.

Fortunately, ChatGPT can identify these instances.

Tell Chat:

“Give me a list of words that are used more than five times.”

ChatGPT will scrape your script for duplicates, which will help you avoid repetitive language so you can become a better presenter.

You can also use one of my favorite tools for this: WordCounter.

Hook Your Audience

A boring intro can sink a YouTube video.

So, use ChatGPT to spice up your intro:

“Please make this text more intriguing: [paste your intro here].”

ChatGPT will give you some more interesting alternatives. Then you can take the ideas you like or adapt them to your own style.

Check Grammar and Spelling

Ensuring that your work is free of grammar and spelling errors is crucial for maintaining credibility and professionalism.

So, get Chat to help:

“Please check my article for punctuation, grammar or spelling errors.”

ChatGPT will provide a list of any errors it finds. You can then correct these mistakes before publishing your article.

Alternatively, you just have ChatGPT clean up any mistakes.

Just tell Chat:

“Reproduce my text but clean up any punctuation, grammar or spelling errors.”

Publishing Tips

Generate Thumbnail Ideas

Creating eye-catching and effective thumbnails for your YouTube videos is important, but coming up with ideas can be a challenge.

ChatGPT can help by generating thumbnail ideas for you.

Simply type:

“Give me three YouTube thumbnail ideas for my YouTube video titled .”

ChatGPT will provide a list of ideas for you to use.

Translate Text

Need to translate a piece of text from one language to another?

Put Chat to work:

“Translate [language] to [language].”

ChatGPT will provide a natural translation for you! This is especially useful for content creators who want to expand their reach to a global audience.

Social Media Tips

Repurpose Scripts into Social Content

Need to turn your YouTube video script into tweets or other types of content?

Tell Chat what you need:

“Can you repurpose this YouTube video script into a few tweets?”

ChatGPT will generate a list of tweets for you. They might not be perfect, but at least now you have your first draft. Tweak the Tweets to taste. (Then say that sentence again 5 times in a row.)

Reply to Comments

Replying to comments on your channel can be time-consuming, especially if you get a lot of repetitive questions or inquiries that require a lengthy response.

Ask Chat:

“Give me a reply to this comment: [paste the comment].”

ChatGPT will provide a list of responses for you to choose from. Adjust as needed, or just tell Chat how you’d like it to revise the reply.

Tips to Collaborate with Sponsors  (and Get Paid!)

Find Sponsors for Collaborations

ChatGPT can help you get sponsors for potential collaborations on your YouTube videos.

Just type:

“Give me a list of small companies that sponsor YouTube videos in [your niche].”

ChatGPT will make a list of potential sponsors for you to consider. You can then reach out to these companies to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Write Emails to Potential Sponsors

Writing emails to potential sponsors can be boring.

Ask Chat for a hand:

“Please write an email explaining what my channel is about and asking if they’ll be interested in me making a sponsored video for them.”

ChatGPT will provide a template for you to use. You can then adjust the email to fit your needs and make it your own.


You can use Chat to streamline your workflow and improve your content. The web app’s ability to remember previous prompts and provide personalized responses make it a versatile and efficient tool for any content creator. 

Whether you need a hand in brainstorming, researching, writing, editing, publishing, promoting, or earning money, ChatGPT can give you a powerful boost.

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