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Casino App

Circus Party

Mini-games, bonuses, and special prizes enhance this slot machine experience.

Built in: Objective-C

After working with Nexus on Big Shot 7’s, the app holding company ASP Games hired Nexus to build a second slot machine.

We began by licensing a premium template from a quality developer. Templates can save app publishers from enormous development expenses. However, Apple generally frowns on template-based apps. To minimize development costs while assuring Apple’s approval, it’s best to avoid commercially available templates. Instead, a developer should invest in quality code that isn’t advertised anywhere online.

Before licensing the code, we reviewed the source app’s earnings history, including reports on in-app purchases from AppStoreConnect and reports on in-app advertising from Chartboost.

After licensing the code, we identified a “circus” theme as a potential market fit, since there were no major circus slot machine apps on the App Store.

From here, we proceeded with “reskinning” the source code by updating the graphics to our new theme. To create the graphics, we downloaded premium Shutterstock photos and applied Photoshop actions to simulate a painterly quality. We also composited the app icon from multiple Shutterstock vector graphics.

Years after its release, Circus Party continues to earn passive income for ASP Games.

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