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Business Coaching Website

Deliberate Directions

Deliberate Directions provides coaching, in-person and online trainings, and online resources to help businesses succeed.

Built in: WordPress / Elementor

Nexus came onboard in 2019 when Deliberate Directions had a Wix website receiving 400 visitors per month. Deliberate Directions initially requested that we update the website, so we wrote new content and improved the website’s organization.

Deliberate Directions decided to invest $800/month in their website and SEO. Using this budget, we created and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy.

  • We built a new WordPress website and created landing pages for executive coaching, an advisory board and other services.
  • We optimized the website speed to an “A” ranking on GTMetrix.
  • We wrote 12+ articles to launch a business blog, and created a guest posting program so that the blog could sustain itself on a limited editing budget.
  • We launched and grew a weekly podcast to 700 YouTube subscribers and 160 hours/month in watch time, with additional traction on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.
  • We built SEO backlinks and earned media placements, improving the website’s domain authority from 12 to 33, and to an Ahrefs domain rank of 53.
  • We increased the velocity of our backlink acquisition. We currently earn 45-60 high-quality organic backlinks per month.  Recently we earned a link from Harvard Business Review.
  • We ranked the site #1 in Google’s US organic search results for the keywords “best business coach” and “business coaches”, outranking massive competitors like HubSpot and Tony Robbins. To achieve these ranking on our client’s top priority keywords, we created an article tailored to these keywords with unique competitive advantages.

Today the Deliberate Directions website generates $1,500/month in revenue from product placements as clients like Adobe pay us for link insertions and guest posts. We facilitate this entirely without adding any overhead or additional expenses for Deliberate Directions.

Nexus continues to build the Deliberate Directions online footprint. The website averages more than 8,000 visitors per month and consistently attracts new subscribers. Website traffic has grown at 8% per month steadily for the last two years. On average, traffic doubles every year.

Deliberate Directions still pays just $800/month for content and SEO.

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