Nexus calls for an end to America’s diplomatic and financial support of Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Please consider sharing this statement by Doctors Without Borders.

Food Delivery App and its apps allow people to order food from their local neighborhood for same-day delivery.

Front End: Swift for iOS, Java for Android
Back End: Node.js
Database: MySQL is an order pickup and delivery app. Contributing to a larger team, Nexus worked on the Android app’s core features including the sign up function, location tracking, search, shopping cart, and payment gateway.

Headquartered in New York and available in select cities, supports neighborhood economies by helping customers buy food, groceries, wine, spirits, laundry, and more, and have these products delivered to their home or work on the same day. Special features facilitate group and office orders, and customers can earn delivery points to access exclusive promotions.

Today, more than 3 million customers have ordered from 19,000 local businesses.

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