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Booking Website


Dermoi! allows people to book their favorite facial treatments at home.

Front End: React.js
Back End: Node.js
Database: MySQL
Host Server: AWS

Nexus built Dermoi!’s complete website from scratch based on designs provided by Joeri Vanhamel.

We selected React.js to take advantage of the JavaScript library’s features enabling superior code maintenance, scalability, stability, amazing speed, and higher productivity. React.js also has incredible community support and reliable maintenance by Meta.

Dermoi! presents popular facial treatments, promotes membership options, and allows customers to book consultations. The website features a shop with products and coupons, and the options to search by category or by brand.

Other pages include:

  • About
  • Why us?
  • Treatment advice
  • Contact
  • Registration and login
  • Profile
  • Wishlist
  • Shopping cart

Featured in Forbes, Dermoi! currently has a Moz Domain Authority ranking of 28, reflecting its fast speed and growing prestige in the beauty industry.

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