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SaaS Website

Digivax Enterprise

DigiVax delivers employers an all-in-one automated COVID-19 safety and compliance solution.

Front End: React.js, Redux
Back End: Flask (Python framework)
Database: PostgreSQL
Host Server: AWS

DigiVax distributes weekly COVID-19 tests. The website also helps employers conduct on-site testing and track employees’ vaccination status. Employers can upload weekly test results, proof of vaccination, and exemptions.

Nexus led the project with three other developers and one designer. When we began the project, the user interface (UI) design was incomplete, so it was up to us to follow the style of the existing designs to ensure a consistent design aesthetic.

Nexus decided the API endpoints structure according to Digivax’s requirements and defined this as JSON data through Postman.

The project’s first back end developer left the project a few months before we began. The back end developer had copied and pasted code from other applications without considering the overall project logic and modularized parts. We increased the code reuse rate and made the website completely modular to improve the software performance, reduce bugs, and make the project more scalable.

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