Drive Growth Like Never Before with Actionable AI Insights

Revolutionize your data-driven decision-making with a natural language interface and dynamic visualization.

Unlock the power of your data and empower every employee in your organization to make smarter decisions faster using your company’s very own App Orchid.

What Is App Orchid?

App Orchid is like a ChatGPT… but with all of your company’s data loaded on it.

You probably know that ChatGPT can only hold about 2,000 words before it loses track of context. App Orchid lets you upload billions of data points – including unstructured data – in order to build the ultimate AI for your organization.

Now… imagine that every employee in your company had access to this super intelligence… and they could ask it for input on all kinds of questions….

  • What customer concerns keep popping up in our sales outreach?
  • What are the patterns of asset failure we’re seeing?
  • What clauses could we change to speed up contract negotiations?
  • Where do resources need to be, and when, to maximize our productivity?
  • How can we make our manufacturing process more efficient?

You can give your App Orchid data from any source, in any format including text files, spreadsheets, slides, Google Docs, audio, and video. Our data-agnostic approach eliminates the need to restructure or re-organize data, so it’s always easy to add new data and make your App Orchid even more powerful.

Most Companies Struggle to Get Valuable Insights from Their Data

Data analysis is time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge, leading to suboptimal decisions and a loss of competitive edge.

Providing access to actionable insights is often economically unfeasible, holding back every CEO, general manager, and employee from driving growth.

App Orchid Unlocks Your Data’s True Potential

App Orchid delivers visually rich and actionable insights quickly to data-driven organizations. Our unique approach combines generative AI, conversational AI, flexible ML models, and dynamic visualization to unlock the true potential of your data.

With natural language interface and fast implementation, our platform enables all employees to make smarter decisions faster, leading to accelerated innovation and growth.

Unlike competitors, App Orchid can deliver time to value in weeks, not months or years.


Benefits of App Orchid

With your own App Orchid, you can make smarter decisions, act faster, innovate quicker, improve operations, and drive growth for your organization.


You can talk to App Orchid just like you would talk to a colleague. App Orchid understands your questions, analyzes your organization’s data, identifies patterns, and automatically generates insights. This allows your team to drive business outcomes quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Quick Insights

Get actionable insights from your data faster than ever before - our platform can help you start seeing results and ROI in just a few weeks.

Easy Access

Every employee can engage with your data and unlock tangible value, no matter their skill level or background - no data science degrees or special training needed.

Accelerated Innovation

Gain insights and solve business problems faster than ever before - our flexible machine learning models allow you to adapt to new uses and add new data sets or questions in seconds.

Impactful Decisions

Get highly relevant, customized insights that enable you to make quick, informed decisions that optimize outcomes immediately. App Orchid can even help you automate actions and initiate workflows.

Impactful Decisions

Get highly relevant, customized insights that enable you to make quick, informed decisions that optimize outcomes immediately. App Orchid can even help you automate actions and initiate workflows.

Speedy Implementation

Unlike other AI solutions in the market, App Orchid can help you be AI-ready in just a few weeks - no need for costly and time-consuming restructuring or processing of your data.

Data Flexibility

App Orchid can ingest any kind of data from any source, in any format - making it easy to add new data sources or types to the AI engine.

Continuous Learning

App Orchid incorporates a continuous learning model that allows you to annotate data and insights to increase predictive accuracy and harness the power of organizational memory.

Natural Language Interface

App Orchid allows you to interrogate your data for insights using plain English and get responses in everyday language. Your employees can ask questions and receive answers just like they’re talking to their own (extremely knowledgeable) personal assistant.

Rich Visualization

App Orchid delivers dynamic, visually-rich insights that help you easily understand your data and take immediate actions to optimize outcomes. App Orchid customizes responses based on your query. So one answer might include a map while others might use a bar chart or pie chart.

Superior Insights

App Orchid runs multiple AI models and multi-dimensional analysis to derive the best, most accurate insights based on your query. Identify trends, patterns, and anomalies across complex datasets – including insights that are nearly impossible for humans to detect.

Use Cases

Transform Your Business with AI-Powered Insights

Call Center

A customer calls your company’s call center seeking assistance with a problem. With App Orchid, your agents can immediately access relevant customer data, including past purchases and interactions, and receive real-time insights on the customer’s needs and sentiment. This enables your agents to provide personalized and efficient service, reducing call handling times by up to 50%.

✓ Improved customer retention
✓ Reduced costs for call handling
✓ Increased call center efficiency

You can ask App Orchid questions like…

  • “Can you pull up the customer’s past purchases and interactions?”
  • “What are the customer’s needs and sentiment?”
  • “Can you provide personalized service recommendations for this customer?”

Asset Operations

Your company manages a fleet of assets that require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. With App Orchid, you can analyze historical data and identify asset failure patterns on maps. You can use these maps to optimize repair schedules and routes. All this helps you to reduce false asset issues by up to 90%.

✓ Improved asset performance
✓ Reduced maintenance costs
✓ Increased operational efficiency

You can ask App Orchid questions like…

  • “What are the historical asset failure patterns on the map?”
  • “What is the optimal repair schedule and route for a specific asset?”
  • “Can you reduce false asset issues by 90% for a specific fleet of assets?”

Contract Negotiations

Your legal team is negotiating a high-stakes contract with a partner. With App Orchid, they can ingest and process contract data, and receive insights at the clause level to assist with negotiations. This can reduce contract turnaround times by up to 90%, allowing you to close deals far more efficiently.

✓ Faster contract negotiations
✓ Reduced legal costs
✓ Increased revenue

You can ask App Orchid questions like…

  • “Can you ingest and process contract data for a specific partner?”
  • “What insights can you provide at the clause level for contract negotiations?”
  • “How much can you reduce the contract turnaround time for a high-stakes contract?”

Field Operations

Your field service business needs to assign resources and schedule logistics for dozens of skilled technicians, each with different skill sets and workloads. App Orchid optimizes routes and resource assignments to increase productivity, while also ensuring your field workers have the tools and equipment they need to finish their work. This reduces work order execution time by up to 20%, allowing you to serve more customers and increase your revenue.

✓ Improved field productivity
✓ More efficient resource management
✓ Increased revenue

You can ask App Orchid questions like…

  • “Can you optimize routes and resource assignments for a specific field service business?”
  • “What tools and equipment does a specific field worker need to finish their work?”
  • “How much can you reduce work order execution time for a specific field service business?”

Consumer Packaged Goods

Your CPG business needs to optimize your ordering strategy based on demand patterns and seasonality. App Orchid predicts risk scores and recommends the best stocking strategies based on these insights. This allows you to avoid stockouts and overstocks, improving your inventory management and ensuring you always have the right products on hand to meet customer demand.

✓ Improved inventory management
✓ Increased customer satisfaction
✓ Optimized revenue

You can ask App Orchid questions like…

  • “What is the risk score for a specific product?”
  • “What stocking strategy do you recommend based on demand patterns and seasonality?”
  • “Can you avoid stockouts and overstocks for a specific CPG business?”


Your retail business wants to understand how customers interact with your website and content during their visits. App Orchid provides insights into customer and visitor segmentation, as well as brand and content interactions. This allows you to tailor your marketing efforts and website content to specific customer segments, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

✓ Improved customer insights
✓ More effective marketing efforts
✓ Increased revenue

You can ask App Orchid questions like…

  • “What are the customer and visitor segments on our website?”
  • “What are the brand and content interactions of a specific customer segment?”
  • “Can you provide insights to tailor marketing efforts and website content to specific customer segments?”

About App Orchid

Our mission is to make actionable insights easily accessible to every employee in every organization.

To us, AI is not a buzzword. It’s a real solution to real business problems.

We envision a world where AI is harnessed by everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Our goal is to break down the barriers that prevent companies from realizing the full potential of their data, and to provide every employee with the insights they need to make better decisions.

Our international team includes experts in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics. We help businesses of all sizes leverage AI to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge.

If you want to learn more about how App Orchid can help your business unlock the full potential of your data, contact us today to schedule a demo. We’re excited to show you how your very own App Orchid will revolutionize your business.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question about our AI solution or you’d like to schedule a demo, our team is ready to help.

Please fill out the form below or reach out to us directly. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


You can implement App Orchid in 8-12 weeks. Other solutions take months or years.

Yes, we offer 24/7 customer support and technical assistance to help you get the most out of your App Orchid.

App Orchid is cost effective for companies with large volumes of data and a need for actionable insights. Some industries that have benefited from our solution include healthcare, finance, transportation, and manufacturing.

Yes, App Orchid is designed to be flexible and adaptable. You can customize your App Orchid to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Yes. In addition, our flexible machine learning models will automatically adapt to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Yes, App Orchid can ingest and analyze both structured and unstructured data from any source. It uses generative artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract insights from unstructured data sources.

No, App Orchid is designed to be easily accessible without specialized skills or knowledge. Our natural language interface allows every employee to harness the power of your data using plain English.

No, App Orchid is designed to be easy to use. It doesn’t require any coding skills.

App Orchid adheres to the highest industry standards for data security and privacy, including encryption and access controls.

No, App Orchid is hardware-agnostic. You can deploy your App Orchid on your premises or in the cloud.

Yes, we have pre-built connectors and an API-driven open architecture that enables seamless integration.

Yes. App Orchid’s cloud based technology allows you to access your data and insights from anywhere at any time.

App Orchid is all about real-time data. Your App Orchid will analyze your real-time data streams and provide you with insights in seconds. Even milliseconds.

The cost of your App Orchid depends on several factors including the size of your organization and your specific use case. Please contact us for a quote.

Yes, you can request a demo of App Orchid before you make a purchase.

Other AI apps can glean insights from structured data. They sort your data into rows and columns. When your data doesn’t fit into a table, they discard it.

But what about all your data that doesn’t fit into a table?

Your App Orchid does not ever delete or disregard your data. Instead, we build relationships between all your data. This includes your data that doesn’t fit neatly into a spreadsheet – things like text files, spreadsheets, slides, Google Docs, audio, and video.

This approach lets you gain insights from the vast majority of your data – the data that other companies essentially throw away.

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