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We consistently build emoji apps that break into Apple’s USA Top 100 Entertainment Apps top chart.


Pug Life

Pug Life allows people to text using a custom pug keyboard. From the main app, users can type in keywords to search for relevant emoji, tap to select an emoji, and then share the emoji on platforms like Messages, Messenger, WhatsApp and more. Ana Fonseca created original illustrations for the app, bringing the pug’s lovable personality to life. Pug Life has an avid fanbase on social media with over 3,500 followers on Facebook.

Technology: Objective-C

Barney the Owl

Barney the Owl’s tired curmudgeon personality has resonated with fans around the world. In addition to the keyboard functionality, the app also invites people to buy from the shop, share the app with friends, email feedback and request emoji, write a review, or follow the app’s page on social media.

Technology: Objective-C

Fish Emoji

Fish Emoji puts a unique twist on an emoji app. In addition to the emoji keyboard, the app allows users to decorate their photos with stickers and share the photos with friends. This app’s 3D illustrations pop right off the screen with vivid color and imaginative charm.

Technology: Objective-C

LOL Cats

LOL Cats brings classic cat memes to Messages with relevant text-able phrases and illustrations. Built using Nexus Marketing’s original emoji app template, LOL Cats allows users to purchase merchandise, search for phrases, and send emoji through third-party messaging apps.

Technology: Objective-C

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