How to Create a Webinar on EverWebinar (Step-by-Step with Video)

Steps for Launching Your Webinar

A couple YouTubers have already tackled the task of showing step-by-step how to build a webinar in EverWebinar.

Joshua Hall shows how to launch your first webinar on EverWebinar.

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Joshua Hall: EverWebinar Honest Review And Tutorial 2019

Josh covers the entire process including how to:

  • customize your your account and billing settings (0:40)
  • create your first webinar  (1:56)
  • choose the source of your webinar (3:50)
  • label your webinar title and description (6:16)
  • schedule your webinar (8:25)
  • configure your registration page (12:46 in video)
  • set the email and text message notifications you want EverWebinar to send attendees (18:26)
  • integrate your email autoresponder and tracking systems (23:48)
  • customize your thank-you page, which appears after someone registers for the webinar (25:05)
  • customize your countdown page, polls, chat box, announcements, product offers, website links, dynamic attendance numbers, sales alerts, and the files you want to share with attendees (27:15)
  • enable your webinar replay (32:48)
  • copy the links that you need to direct traffic to in order to launch your webinar (32:57)

Steps for Launching Your Webinar (Alternative Demo)

Ferdy Korpershoek has a similar demo showing how to use EverWebinar.

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Ferdy Korpershoek: How To Create Evergreen Webinars | EverWebinar Tutorial

Troubleshooting and Extra Steps

Check out their videos, then create your own webinar.

If you run into any problems, send EverWebinar an email.

If you have a broader question, email me or leave a comment.

One thing the YouTubers left out… You definitely want to integrate your Facebook Pixel on EverWebinar. This will help you to track conversions from any Facebook ads you might run.

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