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Gym Membership App


Hussle allows customers to work out at thousands of gyms, pools and spas around the UK without longterm contracts or sign-up fees.

Front End: Swift for iOS, Java for Android
Back End: Laravel
Database: MySQL

Hussle Flexible Gym Membership was originally titled PayAsUGym.

Nexus provided full stack development for both the front end and back end in both the iOS and Android app.

Sandcroft Avenue LTD’s vision was to allow customers to visit gyms without contracts or sign-up fees using a single monthly pass. 

We built numerous features including:

  • location search
  • map with location information
  • a virtual pass code creation system
  • sign up and login through email, social media, Google and Apple
  • a “refer a friend” feature
  • a virtual store
  • credit card and Apple Pay payment processing
  • a “spotlight” suggestion feature
  • a ratings system
  • the ability to browse passes offline
  • push notifications
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