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Summit Run

This run and jump game challenges players to collect as many coins as they can. A custom wardrobe system allows players to redeem coins for hats, shirts and trousers. Players can also share their characters with friends with an interactive camera feature.

Technology: Unity

Impossible Line

As a wheel in the center of the screen turns, players tap the screen to shoot a series of balls toward the wheel. If two balls collide, the player has to repeat the level. With over 170 levels, the game can challenge even the most skilled players for hours on end. A rate button, leaderboard, remove ads button, and share option round out the game’s features.

Technology: Objective-C


As each tap changes the ball’s direction, players tap away to guide the ball up through each successive opening. The game challenges the player’s concentration and instincts, while background colors and effects create a hypnotic environment that draws players into the gameplay experience.

Technology: Swift


Impossible is a simple game where the player is challenged to match the oncoming shapes by touching or releasing the screen. As shapes descend, the player must instinctively choose whether to tap or release the screen to match each successive shape. The game gets faster and faster, putting players’ instincts to the ultimate test. Advertising monetizes the game and eager players patiently wait for each ad to finish in order to play another round.

Technology: Objective-C

Pink Dial

In this dial challenge, a line spins inside a multi-colored dial. Players tap the screen whenever the line’s color matches the color on a section of the dial where the line points. Players can compete on the leaderboard, remove ads, or challenge their friends.

Technology: Objective-C

Avoid the Sushi

In this game, a ninja faces a sea of giant sushi and the user touches and holds the screen to guide the ninja safely around the sushi. Players can pass through 20 levels, share their high score and challenge their friends, compete on the leaderboard, or remove ads.

Technology: Objective-C

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