Logo Design Styles in 2021

Minimalist Logo

Minimalist logos feature sleek lines with few shapes and ample white space. A minimalist style implies that your brand is tidy, sophisticated, and modern.

Minimalist logo by Chris Kay

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Text Based Logo

Text based logos come in two varieties:

  • Lettermarks, also called monograms, are brand initials designed as logos. Examples include HBO, IBM, and NASA.
  • Wordmarks, also called logotypes, are words designed as logos. Examples include Visa, Coca-Cola and Google.

Text based logos are simple and easy to remember. They also promote name recognition.

Text based logo by A Krikoryan.

You can be more creative than you think with this format! See examples of text based logos.

Feminine Logo

There’s no one look for a feminine logo. Your design will be influenced by the age, culture, and other unique characteristics of the demographic you’re trying to reach.

It’s quite possible there should be more feminine logos in the marketplace. Through buying power and influence, women drive 70-80% of consumer spending in the US.

Feminine logo by DesignsMadeWith♥

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Vintage and Retro Logos

Vintage and retro logos make a statement that nature, history, or tradition are very important to your organization. Vintage logos are often reminiscent of the distant past, while retro logos harken to a slightly more recent era. If you want to convey that there’s something “old school” about your business, then one of these styles could be perfect for you!

Vintage and retro logos are usually hard-drawn. They often feature textural effects, badges, stamps, borders, ornate detail, and old-fashioned imagery.

Vintage logo by Sava Stoic

Badge and Emblem Logos

Badges or emblems usually combines custom text and a unique graphic inside a badge, crest, or seal. This design style yields a class, old-school look. You’ll often find it used in logos of storied bars or restaurants.

Badge logo by scribe

Hand-Drawn Logo

A hand-drawn logo suggests that your brand is one-of-a-kind, and that you hand-make your products with personalized care. Hand-drawn logos can often be found on food and wine labels. They also work well for breweries, farms, and companies that specialize in crafts or custom furniture.

Hand-drawn logo by DesBayy

See more hand-drawn logos at 99designs.

Mascot Logo

Mascot logos work well for children’s brand. They can also be used for brands bars or restaurants that want to convey a fun, light-hearted vibe. Take care with this style, since it can turn off some people who will be inclined to view a mascot as tacky. Done well, however, a mascot can be endearing.

Mascot logo by 3Am3I

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Skeuomorphic Logo

Skeuomorphic logos feature realistic details including textures, highlights and shadows, reflections and refractions. This style was widespread up until 2013, when Apple declared that “flat” design was the future (following a trend established by Microsoft).

Today, skeuomorphic design is occasionally used by apps and eateries. It’s also making a tepid comeback in a subtler form called neumorphism.

Because this style can fall out of fashion quickly, pay attention to what your competitors are doing.

Instagram logo until 2016

To see how brands evolved from skeuomorphic logos to flat design, check out “10 Top Brands That Went Flat in 2014 and Why.”

Signature Logo

Popular with photographers, artists, life coaches, and personal brands, signature logos suggest an artistic touch or a unique, authentic voice. A signature inherently implies that the product or service you offer is something you’re willing to “put your name on.”

Sometimes used as a supplement to a standard logo, a signature logo can be applied to a particular service, product or series to convey a special quality or limited quantity.

Signature logo by RotRed

See more signature logos at 99designs.

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