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Mining Claims

Mining Claims helps people find land for mining in Southwestern Idaho. Built in Squarespace.

Built in: Squarespace

Randy Harrison listened to a talk on marketing that Brett Wharton gave at Boise Public Library. A year later, Randy reached out to get help retrieving an expired Google Domain, setting up a Google Workspace email address, and connecting his domain to his Squarespace website.

After sorting our his domain, email, and website connection, Nexus offered to build Randy’s site for $1,000. Since Randy only needed a simple site to showcase his collection of Idaho mining claims, and he wanted to edit the website himself after its completion, we recommended sticking with Squarespace. Squarespace is one of the easiest platforms for a newbie to edit, so it’s a great choice when a “non-technical” person wants to edit their own site.

After Randy shared notes on his mining claims, we wrote descriptions for each claim. We also wrote text for a homepage, a page to set expectations for buyers, a contact page, and a group of products available for sale.

We designed a logo, chose a color palette, and customized a theme that would be easy for clients to read. We also recorded a few videos to help Randy learn how to edit his Squarespace website. 

Since launching, Randy’s claims have sold quickly and Randy has proceeded to list new mining claims independently.

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