ADA Compliance WordPress Accessibility Widget

You are purchasing the installation of ADA Defender on your website. This widget substantially increases accessibility via a text reader, a magnifier, text adjustments, link highlighting, contrast settings, and more.



Increasingly, law firms are targeting small businesses for ADA compliance violations. To deter litigation against your company, Nexus Marketing offers a simple widget that appears in the corner of your website. When your website visitors click on the widget, they’ll be able to activate many accessibility tools. These tools include…

  • a text reader
  • a magnifier
  • text adjustments
  • link highlighting
  • contrast settings
  • and more

Few web development agencies will guarantee 100% ADA compliance on websites. However, generally lawsuits target businesses that are not making a general effort toward accessibility. By addressing the most common accessibility problems, our widget will bring your website substantially closer to ADA compliance than the vast majority of other websites. In most cases, this effort should make your business a far less attractive target for expensive litigation.

For additional information on the rise in accessibility lawsuits, consider reviewing the following stories.



  • Recommended marketing strategy session (1 hour)
  • ADA Defender implemented in 2 business days
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