Animated Explainer Video

You are purchasing 1 broadcast-ready explainer video. For videos longer than 1 minute, please contact us.




Explain important information to your audience in visually dynamic videos. Choose from a variety of animation styles including whiteboard, kinetic typography, character, infographic, modern, stop-motion, isometric, and mixed. Your broadcast-ready explainer video will allow you to…

  • Catch people’s eyes on social media.
  • Easily convey everything that people need to know about your product or service.
  • Provide information in a way that’s proven to drive engagement.


  • Script for voice-over
  • Storyboard for animation
  • Video in HD (1920 x 1080)




Whiteboard ($1,100 per minute)


Kinetic Typography ($1,300 per minute)


Classic Animation Without Characters ($1,400 per minute)


Classic Animation with Characters ($1,600 per minute)


Infographic Animation ($1,700 per minute)


Modern Animation with Characters ($1,800 per minute)


Concept Animation with Characters ($1,900 per minute)


Stop-Motion Animation ($2,000 per minute)


Pseudo 3D Isometric ($2,600 per minute)


High-End Character Animation ($3,000 per minute)


Mixed Styles ($3,200 per minute)


Modern Cartoon Style ($4,800 per minute)


Animation with Liquid Transitions ($5,000 per minute)

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