App Project Conceptualization and Planning

You are purchasing 1 project specifications document for your app project. You can choose to have us create 5 original app concepts for you. We will work with you collaboratively to arrive at a final app concept that aligns with your vision and is ready for the design and development stages of production.




With this purchase, you’re paying for Phase 1 of our app development process. We break app development into phases.

  • Phase 1: project conceptualization and planning (this phase).
  • Phase 2: user interface (menus, pop-ups, etc), illustrations (mockups, character art, etc), sound and music. Typically completed in 4 weeks for $1,500.
  • Phase 3: app development, usually produced with Unity. Results in a finished app published to the iOS and Android app stores. Typically completed in 12 weeks for $6,000.
  • Phase 4: user testing and final revisions. Typically completed in 4 weeks. Final payment due upon approval, typically for $3,000.

During Phase 1, we will produce a project specifications document. The document defines the mechanics of how your app works, the screens your app includes, and the graphic and audio assets required to make the app. This document serves as a roadmap, which you can use to begin app development whether you work with Nexus or another development company.

If you want to produce an app or game, but you’re not sure what idea to pursue, you can select “Specification Document + 5 Original Concepts.” With this option, we’ll provide you with 5 separate original ideas complete with description, references, and visuals. We’ll get your feedback and keep iterating on these ideas for up to 3 iterations until we arrive at a concept that you’re excited about producing.


If you purchase “Specification Document,” the following deliverables are included.

  • App description
    • For games: genre, characters, environment
    • For other apps: genre, purpose, summary of key features
  • User experience / gameplay
    • For games: objective, scoring system, obstacles, power-up enhancements
    • For other apps: breakdown of typical user experience (step-by-step overview of how a typical user would interact with the app)
  • In-app purchases
  • References: apps to use as inspiration for functionality or aesthetics
  • Screen breakdowns: list of all graphics, information and buttons required for each screen
    • Welcome Pop-Up (for example: Daily Bonus)
    • Main Menu
    • Key User Experience or Gameplay
    • Final Result or Game Over
    • Call-to-Action Pop-Up
    • Shop
    • Other screens as needed, up to 12 screens
  • Character artwork (if applicable)
    • Character descriptions
    • Animation requirements
  • Music and sound cue requirements
  • Push notifications
  • Ads implementation: platforms and types of ad units
  • Considerations for discussion: alternative possibilities and questions to suggest directions for your feedback

If you purchase “Specification Document + 5 Original Concepts,” the following deliverables are included.

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Google Doc with original app concepts. Each concept includes:
    • App description
    • Similar app reference links
    • Sketch
    • Additional materials as needed to describe concepts
  • Up to 3 iterations on each concept using your feedback


  • Recommended app strategy session (1 hour)
  • 8+ page project specifications document
  • 5+ pages of original concepts (if you select this option)
  • Up to 3 revision meetings (1 hour each)
  • Up to 3 iterations on each concept and the specifications document
  • Optional app marketing strategy session (1 hour)


  • Google Docs for project specifications and original concept descriptions
  • Adobe or Affinity Suite for app design (applies to Phase 2)
  • Unity 3D or Swift for app development (applies to Phases 3 and 4)
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