Get Featured as a Guest on 5+ Podcasts (Guaranteed)

Nexus Marketing will get you featured as a guest on at least 5 podcasts (or your money back).




Appearing as a podcast guest is one of the fastest ways to build relationships with ideal clients. In exchange for one hour of your time, you can potentially reach 20, 50, 100, or 1,000 people, depending on the podcast you appear on. As you gain experience, you can often book appearances on larger podcasts and increase the return on each hour you invest.

As a podcast guest, you can expect to:

  • Grow your reputation as an expert authority in your niche
  • Generate qualified sales leads or referral opportunities from a highly targeted and engaged audience
  • Promote your services, book, lead page, online group, or social media pages
  • Deliver incredible value to audiences in a relaxed, convenient, efficient, and fun setting
  • Build relationships with podcast hosts, who are often extremely well connected


Nexus Marketing will serve as your “marketing assistant” for pitching podcast hosts. We never buy podcast opportunities. Instead, we earn each opportunity for you by approaching the pitching process in much the same way as you might (if you had the time).

  • First, we’ll prepare a Google Sheet for you with 70+ podcast opportunities. If you don’t have podcast experience, we’ll begin by searching for shows with smaller listenerships (targeting shows with 5-20 iTunes reviews). We’ll document each podcast’s name, along with the host and the host’s email address. We’ll then share the Google Sheet with you to approve.
  • Next, we’ll write a custom email pitch template that we’ll use to contact podcast hosts.
  • We’ll prepare a 1-page pitch brochure to attach to our outreach email. A brochure will make it easy for podcast hosts to say “yes” since we’re giving them all the preparatory information they need to interview you successfully. Your brochure will contain your bio, headshot, media links, contact info, suggested topics, and about 10 sample questions.
  • We’ll send the email pitch and brochure to you for approval. We’ll revise as needed based on your notes until we have a pitch and brochure you love.
  • We’ll then send out the email pitch to the podcast hosts you approved. We’ll contact 20 podcast hosts at a time so that we don’t overwhelm you with bookings. (It’s happened before.)
  • If you choose the service option that includes a practice session, you’ll be able to book a practice session with Nexus to rehearse interview questions and answers. We suggest this option to ensure you deliver succinct, actionable advice in your interview. We will also help you nail the important question at the end of most interviews, “Where can people find you online?”. We’ll ensure that you have a couple benefit-oriented calls-to-action so that you can drive the maximum number of leads to your website each time you appear on a new podcast.
  • If you choose the service option that includes a practice session, we’ll also review an episode of your choice and share suggestions for refining your answers and overall performance.

We guarantee that you will appear on at least 5 podcast episodes. If we don’t get you booked on 5 episodes, we’ll refund your purchase.


  • Google Sheet with 70+ podcast opportunities
  • Custom email pitch template
  • 1-page pitch brochure
  • Emails contacting up to 70 podcast opportunities (We will contact all of the hosts on the list that you approve.)


  • Recommended marketing strategy session (1 hour)
  • 1 revision meeting (1 hour)
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Full transparency including access to the email account we use for pitching podcast hosts
  • Insured results supported by a money-back guarantee
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