5 Media Placements

You are making a deposit toward 5 media placements. Nexus Marketing will respond to bloggers and journalists on your behalf to help you get quoted in prominent blogs, newspapers, and online magazines. If the media placements do not materialize within 4 weeks of your deposit, we will issue a refund or you are welcome to request one.



Getting quoted by blogs, newspapers, and magazines carries substantial rewards for your business.

  • Generate social proof that you can advertise on your website (“featured in…”).
  • Collect high domain authority backlinks that will increase your standing with Google. In turn, Google will rank your website higher in search results across a broad spectrum of possible keyword phrases.
  • Create opportunities for people to discover your business while they’re reading blogs and magazines in your industry.


Our process is designed to secure media placements on well respected websites in your industry. (In SEO terminology, we’re seeking placements on websites with high domain ratings, specifically 60+ Moz Domain Authority scores.) This is a specialized service in which we will act as your agents as we pitch to journalists on your behalf.

  • We will start by interviewing you about your business, your primary sales offer, your topics of expertise, your ideas about topics within your field, and your business stories that could be of interest to readers. We request 2 hour-long sessions with you in order to soak up as much detail as possible. The more of your ideas and anecdotes we know, the better we can pitch to journalists on your behalf.
  • We will make a realistic plan about the types of media placements you can likely achieve based on your industry, competition, prominence, and the material we’ve gathered from your interviews.
  • To complete our work effectively, we require an email address at your company domain name (for example, brett@yourcompany.com) so that we can write to journalists as a marketing assistant giving a statement on your behalf. If you choose, we can potentially get better results if you set up an email address that suggests your name (for example, yourfullname@yourcompany.com) so that we can contact journalists as your ghostwriter.
  • We will reach out to bloggers and journalists using Cision’s daily HARO bulletins. We will respond to as many requests as needed until we achieve the quota you’ve purchased.
  • Depending on your preference, we can call you to get timely quotes. Time is of the essence when answering a question posted by a journalist. There will be instances where we see a potential media opportunity for your business, but the journalist is asking for an answer to a specific question that is beyond the scope of our initial interviews with you. When this occurs, we can call you by phone to ask for a quick statement. After we get your thoughts, we can wordsmith and polish your answer and then reply to the journalist. If you don’t wish to have us calling you, that’s perfectly alright! We can disregard these opportunities and focus our time on responding to the questions that we have sufficient information to answer using material from your interviews.
  • We will coordinate and follow up with journalists as needed so that they can successfully publish your quotes or content. positively reflects your brand and expertise and enhances your backlink profiles for SEO purposes.
  • After securing a media placement, we will share the links to your media placement by email.


  • Custom media packet consisting of 10+ pages of your answers to possible journalists’ questions
  • 5 media placements from websites with a Moz Domain Authority score of 60 or above


  • Mandatory marketing strategy session (1 hour)
  • 2 hour-long sessions to capture your answers to anticipated journalists’ questions
  • Full transparency including access to the email account we use for pitching journalists
  • Insured results supported by a money-back guarantee
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