Podcast Episode Production

You are purchasing our service in producing 1 podcast episode from start to finish. You will be able to review our recommendations for podcast guests, share a calendar of times when you’re available, and record an interview with your guest over Zoom. Nexus will handle everything else and provide guidance throughout the entire process.



A podcast episode is one of the fastest and easiest ways to produce long-form content for your website and social media.

  • Increase the value of your network by interviewing leaders in your industry.
  • Expand your online audience by posting interviews with compelling guests and likely getting your interview shared on your guest’s social media and email lists.
  • Position yourself as an authority in your field by associating your brand with industry experts.
  • Increase your connection with your followers as they become familiar with your personality and gain confidence in your expertise.
  • Build backlinks for SEO when your guests or subscribers link to the show notes on your website.


  • Spreadsheet with business and contact information 40+ potential guests
  • 20+ emails to potential podcast guests
  • Email communication with your guest throughout the entire process
  • Guidance on equipment use (microphone) and software (Zoom)
  • Customized intro and outro script
  • 12+ customized questions to ask your podcast guest
  • Creative image thumbnails (square and 16×9 format)
  • Custom title, keywords, and show description
  • Branded video and audio edits of your interview
  • Show notes for your website


  • Recommended marketing strategy session (1 hour)
  • 1 revision meeting (1 hour)
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Video upload to YouTube (if you share permissions or provide your account username and password)
  • Video upload to Facebook (if you share permissions with Nexus)
  • Audio upload to Simplecast (if you provide your username and password)
  • Publication of show notes to your website (if you share your website username and password or give Author, Editor or Admin access to your WordPress website)
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