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Local Dating App


XOXO is an inclusive dating app for open-minded people. Through a gamified experience, users get to know each other through their personalities rather than their looks.

Front End: Swift for iOS, Java for Android
Back End: Laravel
Database: MySQL

Elizio was looking for additional support with iOS app development.

On this project, I independently built the login feature and matching function. I programmed the app to match people based on age, gender, what they’re looking for, and who they favorite.

I also built the profile creation feature and a subscription feature where users earn and spend credits within the app.

I integrated payment gateway APIs for Stripe and PayPal.

I also worked on the messaging feature, video call feature, recommend feature, and liking feature.

Elizio provided wireframes and UI designs, which facilitated a consistent design aesthetic between the iOS app I developed and the Android app developed by other independent contractors.

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