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How Websites Charge for Backlinks – 16 Real Payment Requests

SEO is expensive. Content production, social media collaboration, and backlink outreach are all ongoing expenses for a company committed to growing web traffic organically. On top of that, many websites you contact are apt to ask for a payment for adding your proposed content and link to their article.

One way to combat these expenses is to charge people who reach out to your website for the links they ask you to add. This is exactly what the websites in this post are doing to turn SEO from an expense into a revenue driver.

The next time you wake up to a handful of emails asking you to add links to your website, consider what your website and your time are worth. If, like these companies, you feel you deserve compensation for your work boosting their SEO, feel free to borrow language from these real websites asking for payments for links.

Examples of Payment Requests for SEO Backlinks

  1. Futuramo
  2. Woorise
  3. CK Copywriting
  4. Witty Sparks
  5. OSI Affiliate
  6. SpeakerHub
  7. Core Commerce
  8. Themexpert
  9. AppInstitute
  10. Info for Investors
  11. Stop Having a Boring Life
  12. PhotoADKing
  13. Look What Mom Found
  14. Geneva Lunch
  15. Miss Frugal Mommy
  16. The Art of Healthy Living



Unfortunately, we are not doing any exchanges.

Below, you’ll find our standard offer. Let me know if interested.

Thank you for your interest in cooperating with

Here are some quick guiding lines:

  1. We only accept guest posts relevant to our publications.
  2. You can read about our guidelines here:
  3. We allow the insertion of up to 2 do-follow links per guest post.
  4. We have an operational $50 fee per guest post or link insertion and only accept content relevant to our publication.
  5. Per our policy, we accept only upfront payments via PayPal on the account of
  6. For invoices, please send us details like: name or company name & address.
  7. We have a generally fast turnaround time (TAT), but a 2x factor payment gets you a 24h TAT if needed.

Here are examples of guest posts with do-follow links:

We also have a second publication. Have a look at

Ownetic Guidelines:

Looking forward to cooperating with you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,


Hey Brett,

Thanks for reaching out.

We are only interested in link exchanges with high authority SaaS and marketing websites with 60+ DR.

If you have a client that wants to add a relevant link to Woorise blog the price is $200/link.

Best regards,

Christopher Vasilis
Founder & CEO at Woorise

CK Copywriting


Thanks for getting in contact.

I am happy to accept guest posts and add links to existing posts. 

Posts will be published within 48 hours of receipt unless otherwise stated.

Please note I do not accept posts with links to adult sites.

If you wish for me to write a sponsored post my fee is £200 + PayPal fee.

Pricing (GBP):

  • One off article submitted by you £100 ($138)
  • Link added to a previously published post £60 ($83)
  • Gambling links are charged at £250  ($345) per post

If paying by PayPal there is an additional charge to cover PayPal fees.

Bulk Pricing:

2 posts published within a one month period for £70 per post + PayPal fees ($97 per post).

Or 2 links added to existing posts for £40 per link + PayPal fees ($55 per link).

Please note any posts not received at the end of the one month period will still be charged.

Terms & Conditions for guest / contributed posts on Life, Love and Dirty Dishes:

  1. Post content is to be approved by Claire Kirby.
  2. Claire Kirby reserves the right to edit copy.
  3. The disclaimer “This is a contributed post” will be used in the post as per legal requirements.
  4. Up to three links allowed within the post.
  5. Guest posts will not be published on the front page of Life, Love and Dirty Dishes, and will not be shared on social media.
  6. Guest posts will be labelled and categorised as an editorial.
  7. Payment is required 3 days from post publishing.
  8. A PayPal admin fee applies in addition to the agreed price.
  9. A PayPal email will be required to submit an invoice to.
  10. Late payment will be subject to daily late payment charges of £5 per day. I reserve the right to remove posts for late payment.
  11. Posts will be published within 48 hours of being received unless otherwise stated.  Posts received on a Friday, will be published by the following Monday.


Claire Kirby
Freelance Writer
Founder and Editor of Life, Love and Dirty Dishes, an award winning parenting and lifestyle website.
My working hours are Monday – Thursday 9am – 2pm.  

Witty Sparks

Hello Brett,

Thank you for reaching out.

We accept sponsored posts and charge an editorial fee of $300 as the post and links remain forever.

Are you good if we tag the link as “nofollow sponsored” or “sponsored” based on the link metrics?
And we don’t accept casino, gambling, betting, poker, adult, CBD, vape, or drugs-related promotions.

Check your draft for plagiarism and perform spelling & grammar errors using

Feel free to reach us with any questions.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

Please let me know if you still use Free Gmail for business communications. Try Google Workspace

Thanks & Regards,
Nishitha K
Founder | LinkedIn | Twitter | Hosting Partner

OSI Affiliate

Subject: Your Request – Please let me know 😎


You sent us an email with a request to get a link at:

Yes, we can add your link, but the cost for our time is $75.

We are not currently doing link exchanges or guest posts. We are just accepting payment for link placements.

This is a great price considering we have a high DR 75 and get lots of traffic.

If you are interested, I will send you our PayPal email and once we receive payment, the link will be posted within 24 hours. Let me know what page you want the link.

Are you interested?


Hi Brett,

Thank you for reaching out. 

We are looking for articles about finding speaking opportunities for public speakers and how to grow their speaking business.

You can see the samples here:

Please read our Guest Posting Guidelines here:

How to submit your post:

Please email me with the following:

  • Your draft post as a shareable Google Doc
  • Short author bio including the link to your SpeakerHub profile.

We charge $150 for an original article with a maximum of 3 links and $100 for link insertion to an existing article – to be paid via Paypal.

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published. The process may take up to 4 weeks.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Racquel Gabuna
SpeakerHub Assistant

Core Commerce

Hi Brett,

We would love to work with you. Please review our guidelines and pricing below. And be sure to white list our email ( & to ensure you do not miss any messages from us regarding your post.

 For examples of content we accept, please review:

General Post (Business, Tech, Ecommerce, SEO) : $60/post
Casino/Gamble/Bet: $75/post
Link Insertion: $25/link

  • How many links can I add into a new blog post? There are no limits to the number of links you can add per post 
  • Can I add an authority link? Yes
  • Will this link exist forever on the page? Yes
  • Will the article be published on the main domain? Yes
  • Do you accept dofollow and/or nofollow links? We accept both types of links.
  • All content is posted FROM CoreCommerce, NO SPONSORED LINKS.
  • Please provide the email you intend to have an invoice sent to.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

CoreCommerce Team – 615-550-5523
102 Woodmont Blvd. STE 125
Nashville, TN 37205


Hello Brett,

Thank you for reaching out. For clarification, we only collab with sites with at least 60+ scores.



Thanks for the info, Shifat. I was just wondering, why does the DR matter so much to you? I think most SEO experts today don’t consider it to be an important metric.


Hello Brett,

It’s our policy. Our marketing department doesn’t allow us to do so.

You can also pay for a link insertion or guest post, which will cost you $200. There is no restriction on paid collaborations.



Hey, yes we do accept guest posts, it’s £250 per article, or for link insertion into an existing article, it’s £150.

Please let me know if you would like to contribute.

All the best,

Info for Investors


Thanks for reaching out.

We would be willing to offer the following (please, do not ask for discounts – these are the prices):

  • Link Insertion (our website): a DoFollow link from one of our tutorials to your site. $250 – $350, depending on the target URL. 
  • Post (our website): Our team will write a post based on your topic. The post will be high quality (+1500 words) and probably rank well (no guarantee). 1 DoFollow link included.  price: $300 – $500, based on the topics & target URL.
  • We are also open to link exchanges with websites (similar stats to ours or above).

Keep in mind: we link only to blog posts/articles. No homepage/category/review/best of or any other type of pages.


David Katz, Partnership Manager | The Smart Investor 
P: 917-620-6953  |  Email: |  

Stop Having a Boring Life


The admin fee is $125 US for blog posts and $95 US for insertions.

That’s a one-time admin fee and the post / insert is permanent, dofollow links and no tags as long as it’s a good fit for the blog.

Would you like a blog post or an insertion?




I’m Jignesh and I take care of outreach and partnerships at PhotoADKing. I got your email about publishing a guest post on Yes, we accept guest posts as paid guest postings.

  • 1 article is currently 50% off of $600, so it’s $300.
  • We have 380K/month of traffic.
  • Payment will be through PayPal.

We are also open to inserting links into previous articles. It will cost you $325.

To guest post please read these guidelines THOROUGHLY:

Please send your article to this email chain for consideration.
Thank you,

Look What Mom Found

Hi Brett Wharton,

Sorry, but we do not work with link exchange, only with paid links and posts.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


Understandable. What costs do your paid links/posts run?


Hi Brett,

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, we certainly do accept guest posts and link insertions on We currently have some great specials starting at $90 for a guest post and $50 for a link insertion (additional for sensitive/casino links). The specials are extended to not only, but some of our other sites as well.

You can check out our limited deals in the google sheet below

PMP “SPECIALS” Guest Post Websites

Let me know if you have other questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Geneva Lunch

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, I’m always interested in developing new relationships with digital marketers interested in sponsored guest post opportunities.  The cost is $100 per guest blog post and $50 per link insertion in content that already exists on my blog.  We also offer featured ad space on the home page for $1000 per month.  These prices do not apply to payday loans, car title loans, dating, vaping, gambling or casino posts.

I own these High DA Blogs:

  1. (DA52) General Niche
  2. (DA53) General Niche
  3. (DA40)  Legal Niche
  4. (DA54) Legal Niche
  5. (DA42) General Niche
  6. (DA61) Business & Investment Niche
  7. (DA54) General Niche
  8. (DA53) Tech & Marketing Niche
  9. (DA47) Tech & Marketing Niche
  10. (DA49)  Tech & Marketing Niche
  11. (DA55) Tech & Business & Entertainment Niche
  12. (DA50) Business & Investment Niche
  13. (DA43) Medical Health & Fitness Niche
  14. (DA51) Beauty & Fitness Niche
  15. (DA47) Real Estate & Construction Niche
  16. (DA40) Food Niche
  17. (DA50) Food Niche
  18. (DA41) Travel & Food Niche
  19. (DA70) Beauty & Fitness Niche
  20. (DA62) Finance & Crypto and Investment Niche
  21. (DA37)  Entertainment Niche
  22. (DA33) Tech & Gadgets Niche
  23. (DA30) Automotive Niche
  24. (DA75) Business & Finance Niche
  25. (DA65) Tech & Marketing Niche
  26. (DA37) Outdoor Recreation Health & Fitness Travel Niche

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Josh Merrick
Skype:  joshua.t.merrick
Text:  1-320-420-3986

Miss Frugal Mommy

Thank you for reaching out to me, we charge $75 per text link placement on existing articles. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Heather Wone
Miss Frugal Mommy, LLC

The Art of Healthy Living

Hi Brett

Thanks for your email.

The cost of adding a link to an existing article on our page is either £25 for 3 months or £50 for a permanent link. Alternatively, I have attached details of the various packages we offer for publishing content with us as this may be something else you would like to consider.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards


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