Earn $300 in 10 Minutes

Earn $300 for every client you refer. Help your friends and colleagues. Get instant PayPal payments for every signed contract.

Initiate a Referral

Have you referred someone to Nexus? Complete the form below as often you needed to let us know when you refer someone our way. We’ll send you $300 if the business you referred signs a contract for $1,998 or more.

Are you ready to make a difference in your community?

Every day we help companies communicate the value they deliver, reach more customers, and grow their businesses. You can earn a generous commission simply by connecting people who need our services!

Give Helpful Advice

Give friends, colleagues, and people you meet online a one-stop solution that will help them finally launch an amazing website or kickstart their online marketing.

Get Instant PayPal Payments

Get paid on the same day a client sends their deposit. Transfer money instantly to your bank account and track your earnings with PayPal’s user-friendly analytics.

Retain Privacy and Control

Your contacts retain privacy and have full control over whether to contact us. All you have to share is their first and last name so we know you referred them.

Earn Extra Income

You’ve built a relationship, learned about someone’s challenges, and recommended a great solution. You deserve to be paid for your work!

Go Full Time

Make money from home by researching businesses with outdated websites, emailing them about our services, and then filling out our referral form.

Scale Your Earnings

Earn income from your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel by referring your audience to Nexus for quality marketing services.

It takes 10 minutes to write a referral email and 30 seconds to fill out our referral form.

Featured website: IdahoImpactConstruction.com

How does it work?

Making a referral is as simple as telling someone to try working with us and filling out our form. However, if you want to earn more commissions by closing more sales, follow these best practices to guide more people to invest in their marketing.

1. Look for opportunities.

Look out for friends, colleagues and local businesses who could use to boost their marketing.

Do you know…

  • someone whose website doesn’t do justice to the great work they do in their business?
  • someone with a great voice and message, but who doesn’t have time to write articles or make videos to reach a larger audience?
  • someone who’s talked about making an website, video series, or app, but doesn’t know how to begin?

2. Share what you know about marketing.

Most small businesses should invest 5-15% of their revenue in marketing. Many business owners don’t realize how much growth they could achieve with a quality website and active content marketing (blogging and video production) to create content for their site and social media. Share generously what you know about these fields to give them ideas!

3. Offer Nexus Marketing as a solution.

After you’ve pitched some ideas, many business owners will ask if you can help. If your #1 skill is in big-picture business strategy (rather than coding, copywriting, and video production), then leave the rest to us. Let them know about Nexus Marketing and tell them that’s it’s an affordable service that specializes in what they need.

4. Show what we did for you or for others.

If we completed a project for you, show your contact the work we did! Let them know what it was like working with us, and tell them what kind of results you’ve seen since your project launched. If you haven’t worked with us, feel free to show our past projects linked on this site.

5. Help your contact schedule a free call.

If you’re talking to someone in person, open our website to any page, scroll down to the calendar booking feature, hand them your phone, and let them book their appointment on the spot! If you’re not in person, send them our calendar link (https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour) and tell them to just book a free call. The only thing they stand to lose is a half hour.

6. Submit your referral (and create a PayPal).

Come back to this webpage (NexusMKTG.com/refer) and fill out the 3-question form at the top of the page. We just need to know your name, your PayPal email, and who you referred.

If you don’t have a PayPal, you can create an account for free. Just follow the steps in PayPal’s 1-minute video, then visit PayPal.com to get started.

7. Follow up with your contact.

Shoot an email or private message to ask if your contact decided to schedule a meeting. No need to pressure them. Just get their feedback. If it’s not right for them, it’s ok!

8. Receive your payment!

We ask all new clients who referred them. If someone names you, but you didn’t fill out our referral form, we’ll still try to reach out to you to offer a commission. When we receive a deposit from a new client, we check for a referral source. If we find one, we immediately pay on the same day before we do anything else on the client’s project.

9. Check your payment.

We’ll send you an email confirmation along with your PayPal payment. If you know that someone you referred initiated a website or a $2,000+ project with us, and you never received a payment from us, please contact us and let us know. We’ll look into it and pay immediately once we confirm that you’re the referral source.

10. Refer more people!

Referring contacts to Nexus is an ongoing opportunity for creating extra cash for your business. So long as you keep meeting new people who need web design, copywriting, video, or app development, you can keep earning referral fees.

Not sure what to say?

Use our templates! You can share them as is or edit as needed to make them your own.

Text Message Template

✅ natural texting language
✅ easy to send as multiple texts
✅ perfect for following up with someone you just met

This is the company that I think can help you with your website: nexusmarketingonline.com

They are amazing. You can schedule a free strategy session and I’m sure the owner can give you some useful advice. 🙂

This is the link to their calendar: https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

Email Template 1

✅ works well even if you haven’t worked directly with Nexus
✅ short and to the point

Hi [first name],

For your website I recommend checking out Nexus Marketing. They will give you a free strategy session to help you find good online marketing opportunities for your business.

This is their site: https://nexusMKTG.com.

And this is their calendar link: https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

The owner is great for bouncing ideas off of, and I think you’ll appreciate their perspective on your business!

[Your name]

Email Template 2

✅ customizable… just replace “online marketing” with the topic your connection needs help with
✅ conversational… question at the end encourages feedback

Hi [first name],

You mentioned that you would like to invest in more online marketing.

We worked with Nexus Marketing and have already seen an increase in leads and traffic that has paid for our investment.

Overall, I’m happy with their service and would recommend them. The owner, Brett, really cares about delivering great work and I think it shows in the final product.

He’s straightforward about the results you can expect and I think you’ll appreciate hearing his viewpoint and ideas for your business.

You can book a strategy session at https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

Is this the kind of company you’re looking for?

[Your name]

Email Template 3

✅ great fit for someone who just complimented your new video
✅ customizable… just swap out “video” for “article” or “app”
✅ brief but effective testimonial

Hi [first name],

The company that produced our video is Nexus Marketing. They’re based in Boise, Idaho.

I would recommend them if you need any videos for your business. The owner (Brett) is nice to work with, responsive, and his company produced a nice video at a good price.

Brett will chat with you for a free strategy session. I’d recommend scheduling a session and bouncing some ideas off him to see what could help with your business.

I found a link to his calendar for you! https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

[Your name]

Facebook Post Template

✅ great for networking with other business owners
✅ friendly and personal

Thank you for all the great feedback on our new website.

If you could use any help with your website or online marketing, Nexus Marketing is the company we worked with. They’ll give you a free strategy session, which you can book online. Go to: https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

I’m glad we took them up on their offer and I hope this info helps other business owners who are looking for affordable online marketing services. ☺️

LinkedIn Post Template

✅ delivers value to your audience
✅ direct and professional

Nexus Marketing helped us launch our new website. [your domain here]

I enjoyed working with Nexus and would recommend them if you’re looking to boost your business online. They offer a free strategy session, which you can book here: https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

Take them up on it! You never know what great ideas they’ll bring to your attention. 🙂

Instagram Post Template

✅ relatable, detailed story to engage business owners
✅ friendly and personal
✅ try pairing with a screenshot of your website

📈 Business Owners: I want to share some info about how we built our new website in case it helps anyone reading this.

For over a year I wasn’t sure what to put on our website.

My friend referred me to Nexus Marketing, which is based in Boise, Idaho. They actually write material for you based on interviews they do with you. (A lot of web developers don’t write anything for you!)

The owner interviewed me for two hours about all aspects of our business. Then his company wrote all the website text, designed our webpages, and developed the site… all in less than two weeks! We then did an hour follow-up call to go over the few revisions needed. After the call, they updated our site within a couple days.

The process was super simple and really delivered what we needed! Now I feel confident that our website positions us well online and makes it easy for customers to learn about us. (And buy from us!) 💰😆

If you’re in a similar position and you need to launch a good website fast without going back-and-forth with developers overseas or writing all your own content, I recommend working with them. So far, I’ve heard great feedback on our site!

You can schedule a strategy call with Nexus here to see what ideas they have for your business. 💥 https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

If you’re on the fence, go for the call. It will be worth your time… They’re GOOD! 😁

Twitter Post Template

✅ get attention with a helpful statistic
✅ clear call-to-action
✅ try pairing with a “business success” gif of your choice

Small business experts recommend investing 5-15% of your revenue into marketing.

We decided to invest in our website! After only $2k and 2 hours of interview sessions, Nexus was able to write, design and develop a super cool site. 🤩

Hit them up! 👊 https://calendly.com/nexusm/hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Get information to help you make the best decision for your coaching business.

We’re committed to delivering the best value possible to our clients and partners. We’d rather save the $600/year that we’d spend on ReferralCandy or other software and use it to deliver competitive payouts to partners who refer clients to us.

We want to make sure you get paid so that you’ll continue referring more amazing clients to us. You might have to trust us on this one.

We send funds via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal, you can create an account for free. Follow the steps in this 1-minute video then visit PayPal.com to get started.

We appreciate the value you provide and the trust you give us when you refer one of your friends or colleagues, and we believe you deserve a generous reward that reflects the value you bring to our business.

At this time we’re offering payment only for the first project your contact does with us.

We endeavor to keep prices down for ourselves and our clients. While we would love to compensate you additionally for the ongoing value of the relationship you helped create, we also want to avoid the cost disadvantages of having a middleperson on an ongoing basis.

We hope that our $300 payment to you will make the referral worth your time, and we hope that the value you created for your contact will itself be a reward worthy of the effort you put into connecting us.

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