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Stickers App

Santa Claus Photo Booth

Santa Claus Photo Booth lets users turn ordinary photos into festive holiday cards for their friends and family.

Built in: Objective-C

Our first projects at Nexus focused on photo apps. These apps were easy to produce and popular with users.

Santa Claus Photo Booth allowed kids and adults to create their own holiday cards and decorative images. The app’s functionality was simple:

  • Users could take a photo of themselves.
  • Then they could drag stickers from trays at the bottom of the screen onto their photos.
  • Finally, they could message their creations to friends or share them on social media.

This app garnered over a hundred 5-star reviews on the App Store. Around 2019, Apple began requiring developers to make regular updates to their apps or face having their apps removed from sale. By this time, our client had moved onto other ventures, and so they discontinued their app business and allowed the app to disappear from the App Store.

Apple encourages companies to regularly update their apps to reengage users and attract new users. While this policy sometimes removes popular apps from the App Store, it also encourages developers to keep investing in better user experiences. Ideally, app entrepreneurs should factor in the cost of updating their apps at least once every two years.

Given this app’s popularity, we believe the concept still holds promise. A holiday themed stickers app could be an opportunity for a new entrepreneur to take the idea to the next level using augmented reality or other new features.

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