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Social Networking App


ScoutMapp connects student athletes with coaches and recruiters.

Front End: React Native
Back End: Node.js
Database: MySQL

Nexus independently produced ScoutMapp for a California startup.

Featured in Girls Soccer Network, the app lets students present a complete picture of themselves to recruiters. It also helps recruiters discover and learn more about student athletes, all without any monthly fees.

For players, the app includes numerous networking features.

  • trial application form
  • newsfeed
  • discussion forums
  • direct messaging
  • profile creation, including the ability to enter a bio, stats, awards, and academics
  • follow feature allowing students to follow coaches, recruiters, and athletes
  • request recommendations feature so students can reach out to coaches and athletes

For coaches, the app offers essential features to connect with students.

  • search for athletes with geographic filtering
  • team tracking and injury tracking features
  • event scheduling
  • posting feature allowing coaches to share updates with players

Nexus built the app is React so that we could deploy it to iOS and Android using the same code. The iOS app is no longer available. However, the Android app is still live.

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