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Puzzle Game

Scratch Phrase

Scratch a card and then guess the phrase depicted on the card.

Built in: Unity

Ken Johnson, the creator of Phase 10, tasked Nexus with rebuilding a puzzle app. Scratch Phrase was already live on the App Store and Play Store, but the code was outdated and unusable for future updates.

Nexus recreated the app and applied new animations to make the game more engaging.

In Scratch Phrase, players scratch the screen to reveal part of an image. From here, players are challenged to guess the common phrase that the image depicts.

The game features over 150 puzzles to solve, bonus scratch cards, daily rewards, and power-ups. Power-ups include the options to reveal a letter, remove letters, reveal an image, or solve a puzzle.

When players get stuck on a puzzle, they have the option to use hints. Each player gets some free hints, and they can earn hints by playing the game. When players run out of hints, they can buy coins that they can redeem for more hints, or they can wait until the next day to receive their daily rewards coins.

For this game, we collaborated with Leo, who previously built Stake Your Stash for us. Production went smoothly and the app was finished within 4 months.

Scratch Phrase has over 200 5-star ratings on the US App Store. The app generates over $100/month from ads and in-app purchases. Since more than 85% of users are based in the UK, we’re currently looking into options to expand the app’s international presence.

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