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Podcast Website

Secure Talk

Secure Talk provides IT professionals with the latest threats, tips and trends in cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and compliance.

Built in: WordPress / Elementor

Mark Shriner needed an online home for his podcast, Secure Talk. He wasn’t looking to spend a lot, so we discussed a budget of $500 for a professional 4-page WordPress website.

The homepage includes all the essential information Mark’s listeners need.

  • A hero section introduces the podcast with a headline, Mark’s name, a blurb about the podcast’s subject, and a call-to-action button to “Listen on Apple Podcasts”.
  • A “What You’ll Learn” section highlights the major topics that the podcast covers.
  • A Reviews section showcases some of the kind words guests have shared for social proof.
  • A Recent Episodes section features the 6 most recent episodes and a button to “See All Episodes”.
  • A bio section shares information about the show’s host, along with a “Connect on LinkedIn” button.
  • A Contact section provides visitors with a contact form and encourages users to share “questions, remarks or suggestions”.
  • Finally, a “Leave a Review” section shows visitors exactly how to leave a review on an iPhone or Mac.

Key sections of the homepage are linked from the main menu. By clicking a link, users can jump to the corresponding section on the homepage.

We also created an Episodes page. Here listeners can see all of the episodes in the show.

When visitors click on an episode, they’ll access the Episode Details page. Here, users can listen to the episode online and read show notes. To keep users on the website, we added links to the “previous episode” and “next episode” as well as a section featuring 6 recent episodes.

Finally, we created a Blog page where Mark can share additional thoughts on his space independent of any episode.

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