Nexus calls for an end to America’s diplomatic and financial support of Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Please consider sharing this statement by Doctors Without Borders.

I’m also your resource for...

SEO strategy, writing, and media production.

Writing Portfolio

Your message, content, and communication are vital to your success. That’s why when I’m not programming, I’m copywriting, ghost writing, blogging, and link-building. I can help you…

  • grow your audience on social media
  • stay in touch with your newsletter subscribers
  • bring new people to your website with ads and SEO
  • increase your conversion rate and boost your sales

Media Production Portfolio

I got started in marketing with video. At Firstborn, Buck, and Shilo, I designed and animated content for famous brands including Aflac, Fruit Snacks, Google, IBM, Nationwide, Sherwin Williams, Skittles, SoBe, State Farm, and Wrigley.

Today, I write scripts and then hire talented artists to handle production. This allows me to flexibly create any kind of video content you need – commercials, brand films, product demos, social media videos, explainer videos, and more.


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