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SaaS & Shopping Website


Swaggin helps musicians create and sell merchandise.

Front End: Angular
Back End: Node.js / Express.js
Database: MySQL
Host Server: AWS

LA-based B-Corp Swaggin lets musicians print merchandise to sell to their fans including apparel, phone cases and posters.

Swaggin needed a website to share their products and pricing, educate customers on their printing process, and help customers make decisions about shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment.

We created entries for more than 100 products, many with 10+ variations. We also built a registration, login, and profile page; added PayPal for payment processing; and created a feature that allows users to create and save mockups.

To build a robust site that would be easy to make updates, we chose Angular for the front end and Node.js and Express.js and for the back end. Express.js allowed us to seamlessly manage our MySQL database built in MySQL.

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