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Reference App

Symphony of the Cells

Symphony of the Cells allows customers to search through thousands of health conditions and essential oil remedies.

Front End: React Native 
Back End: Node.js
Database: MongoDB
Host Server: AWS

Symphony of the Cells allows customers to search thousands of health conditions and essential oil remedies.

TruWellness had a series of handbooks and reference dictionaries. Their goal was to convert these PDF materials into an interactive app so customers could search for information more easily.

Brett Wharton designed the app and supervised production. To meet a $15k budget target, the app was outsourced to DevTechnosys with the client’s permission.

DevTechnosys abandoned the app in the middle of the project, leaving many features incomplete and a host of bugs. From here, we transferred production to Digital Aptech.

Cleaning up the code was a time-consuming challenge. While well past the initial project deadline, the app was eventually updated to implement the missing features and clean up the bugs.

From this experience, we resolved to more tightly control production by doing monthly or weekly code checks and personally speaking to previous clients before hiring any new outsource partners. We also aim to work with the same reliable contractors consistently to minimize the risk of production delays.

The Symphony of the Cells app allows users to browse conditions that can be treated with essential oils, learn about body systems, discover ways that oils can be applied to support wellness, and get details about nearly 100 essential oils. Users can also access an online store, learn about in-person trainings, connect with an exclusive Facebook group, register for online courses, read questions and answers, and change the app’s language to Spanish or French.

The app gives users a 7-day free trial. After this, users can continue accessing the app’s features for $4.99/month or $29.99/year. So far, the app’s revenue has more than doubled the investment to build the app.

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