Webinar Outline Template

I developed this outline from studying webinars in a variety of niches.

Modify it as needed for your company, but bear in mind that all of the outline’s elements are battle-tested by top marketers. If you drop an element and your results are less than optimal, consider adding it back in and testing again.

You’ll notice that the outline focuses on one topic. It uses a simple structure with a beginning where you outline the problem, a middle where you discuss your experience and show your solution, and an end where you show your audience how they can use the same solution.

Webinar Outline Template

1. Preview Your Content

  1. “Hi, I’m [name], owner of [company]. Welcome to webinar!”
  2. “This class is for you if…”
  3. “This class isn’t for you if…”
  4. “If you put your phone on silent and pay attention, I promise you’ll get…”
  5. “In this class you’ll learn…” State the outcomes and potential results, like the ability to increase revenue by $5k/month)
  6. “Stick around…” State the attendance bonus that you’ll give everyone who stays until the end of the webinar.
  7. “Stick around….” State another bonus that will be available today only when the webinar is over.

2. Introduce Yourself

  1. “I’m [name].” Get personal with a few fun facts about yourself and show some photos to build a connection.
  2. Story about how you got where you are today
  3. Problem… Describe how you struggled with a problem.
  4. Change… What happened to change your trajectory?
  5. Result… Describe where you are now.
  6. Insight… “The secret isn’t” (what wasn’t working). “The secret is…” (what finally worked, which you’re now going to teach).

3. Address Concerns

  1. “You might be thinking…” Address people’s defensive assumptions about why this might not work for them.
  2. Optionally, share a personal story showing how what you’re about to teach has changed your life.
  3. Show how your system works with 4 example students. On slides share their first name, their headshot, and their result in 1-3 bullets.

4. Set the Agenda

  1. “Are you ready to start getting [outcome]?”
  2. “I’m going to show you the [system].” Make sure to name your product, service, or system that you’re training people on.
  3. Outline the basic 4-5 steps to achieve results using your system. List each step with 1-2 words and an icon.

5. Teach

  1. Step 1
    1. Introduce it in a title slide. Show the step name with the step icon and add a one-sentence summary.
    2. Explain it in 5-8 supporting slides. Feel free to throw in a slide with a quote or a slide with an action step.
  2. Step 2
    1. Introduce it in a title slide.
    2. Explain it in 5-8 supporting slides.
  3. Step 3
    1. Introduce it in a title slide.
    2. Explain it in 5-8 supporting slides.
  4. Step 4
    1. Introduce it in a title slide.
    2. Explain it in 5-8 supporting slides.
  5. Step 5
    1. Introduce it in a title slide.
    2. Explain it in 5-8 supporting slides.

6. Present Your Offer

  1. “Your options are to keep doing same thing….” Summarize the same problematic results that used to attract people to your webinar.
  2. “Or you can fast track with [your system].” Summarize the good outcomes that are possible if people follow your teaching.
  3. “I know [this system] can get you the results you want.”
  4. “It doesn’t matter if…” “You don’t have to be…” Describe a few reasons your audience may feel the system may not work for them (such as lack of experience) and state why these are not going to impede them.

7. Sell Your Product’s Features

  1. “We have a product that can help you implement the steps you just learned.”
  2. Introduce product or service name.
  3. List the 4-5 main features of your system or the modules of your course.
    1. Feature / Module 1… 3 bullets
    2. Feature / Module 2… 3 bullets
    3. Feature / Module 3… 3 bullets
    4. Feature / Module 4… 3 bullets
    5. Feature / Module 5… 3 bullets
  4. As you describe your features, insert the following elements.
    1. If you’re selling a course, mention “how-to” videos, action steps, blueprints, templates. Make each step sound doable for beginners.
    2. Point out features that your competitors don’t have that you do. Point out where your experience or your company’s experience sets you apart from your competition.
    3. List expected outcomes. Focus on how your product will save people time or money, such as “cut work time in half.”
  5. Conclusion: “This is a complete system that will help you achieve [outcome].”

8. Sell Your Product’s Bonuses

  1. “In addition, we have a set of bonuses that will help you [outcome].”
  2. List bonuses. (Show 3 bullets next to each bullet to outline what is included in each bonus.)
    1. Bonus 1
    2. Bonus 2
    3. Bonus 3 (“Plus, you’ll get access to…”)
    4. Bonus 4, your best bonus (“And, only if you enroll today, you’ll also get…” You can create real scarcity with a live webinar, but this can also work for automated webinars.
  3. For bonuses, consider offering:
    1. An action-tracker
    2. Coaching calls or 1-on-1 calls
    3. A private Facebook group
    4. A tech toolkit
    5. Scripts or swipe files
    6. An ebook or workbook
  4. Follow these tips to sell your bonuses.
    1. Next to each bonus, write 3 bullets that describe the value people will get out of it.
    2. Place a monetary value next to each bonus. Make sure the value is reasonable based on what your competitors actually charge. Otherwise it will seem like nonsense and you’ll lose trust.

9. Prove Your Product Works

  1. “I want to share some past results from our clients.” For each one, show a headshot, paragraph, name, and job title.
    1. Testimonial / Case Study 1
    2. Testimonial / Case Study 2
    3. Testimonial / Case Study 3

10. Provide Purchase Options

  1. “Enrollment is open for a short time.” / “This product is only available for the the next 5 days.” Create scarcity. If there is a real closing date, note it.
  2. Offer a payment plan for a 20% markup and the option to pay in full today.
  3. Offer a final bonus if the person pays in full today. Explain why the bonus is valuable. On a live webinar, consider limiting this to just the first 10 people who buy.

11. Cover Your Refund Policy

  1. “This course/product works. If you’re dissatisfied, you’ll have 14 days to request a refund.”
  2. You can require people to complete a few steps before requesting a refund. For a course, you might require people to finish Module 1 and request support in the Facebook group.
  3. “I’m really excited about what you can achieve…”
  4. Share some quick wins from clients by flashing screenshots from client emails or your Facebook group.
  5. Restate the 3 biggest outcomes people will achieve… “You will end the cycle of….” “You’ll finally be able to….” “You will be able to….”

12. Answer Questions and Close Sales

  1. Show how to place an order. Share screenshot of the steps to complete the order form.
  2. “I’m going to have a 15-minute question and answer session. Please share your questions.”
    1. EverWebinar offers a box where people can type their questions.
  3. “It’s ok to leave early, I’ll still send you the bonus for completing the webinar.”
  4. “Once the timer ends, the opportunity to get the buy-today bonuses will go away.”
    1. EverWebinar has a feature to facilitate this.
  5. “Thank you for coming to the webinar. As a thank-you, I’m going to send you [the attendance bonus promised at the beginning]. Have a great day!”

How much should I change the webinar outline?

There are no bonus points for inventing a new formula. Major movies follow surprisingly generic movie formulas. There’s no reason your webinar can’t follow a generic webinar formula.

I recommend just copying and pasting the webinar outline into a document and filling it in with your company’s information.

If an outline just isn’t for you, then you might enjoy Murielle Marie’s “Sleaze Free Guide to Selling on Webinars.” It will walk you through key elements to include on your webinar but without such a defined structure.

Generally, your webinar should start with an introduction, move on to a story, provide valuable information, make an offer, and conclude with questions and answers.

You can check out some webinars in your niche to get ideas for features, bonuses, and sales angles. You’ll probably find that they follow the same outline. That’s because it works!

If you observe any marketers using a cool technique not listed in my outline, feel free to share it in the comments. To help everyone out, be sure to share a link to the website where you found the webinar.

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