Optimize Attendance and Sales with Webinar Reminder Emails

A great aspect of running an on-demand webinar through a platform like EverWebinar is that most of the people who register will actually show up and listen to your webinar. After all, so long as you allow them, they can register for a webinar time starting in the next 15 minutes, or at whatever time is convenient for them.

Run Your Webinar at Peak Hours

If you’re hosting a live webinar, then typically somewhere between 5% and 40% of registrants will actually show up.

Host live webinars midweek

If you’re running a live webinar, you can increase attendance by running your webinar on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. These are the days when most people are interested and able to focus on your presentation.

Offer webinars in the afternoon or evening

HubSpots has found that the best time to run a webinar is 1 – 2pm ET while other companies have found that 6 – 9 pm ET works best.

If you’re running an automated webinar, you can allow people to select their time zones and then pick between two to four times of day to create some sense of scarcity.

After Registration, Send Four Emails to Build Anticipation

Once someone registers for your webinar, it’s important to make sure they show up. To accomplish this, add your new registrants to a new email list just for people who registered. Below is a suggested 4-part email sequence that you can send to this list. Modify it as need to get your audience excited about your webinar and primed for your sales offer.

Day 1 Email (send immediately after someone registers)

  1. Thank you for registering. Congrats on making the right decision!
  2. You’re going to want to attend the webinar live to get…
  3. People who show up are action takers, and I’ve seen them get serious results.
  4. YOu’ll get this amazing benefit when you attend live…
  5. Add the webinar to your calendar, block off time for it.
  6. Here are 5 action steps you’ll also walk away with.
  7. Your time matters to me, so I’ll make sure the webinar is worth your time.

Day 3 Email

  1. My webinar is different from others. It will work for you.
  2. I know how it feels to… (Address how they might feel when dealing with a pain point.)
  3. You might wonder if this system can really work for you…. (Address objections.)

Day 5 Email

  1. Once you learn _____, you’re going to be able to…
  2. I struggled with _____. Then I learned _____. Since then, I’ve _____. (Discuss your struggles, a transformation, and the results you’ve experienced since then.)
  3. After you learn what I’m teaching on this webinar, you’ll be able to…
  4. My client _____ is a good example of how _____ works.

Day 7 Email (send the day before you go live)

  1. Here’s a free workbook!
  2. Print it out ahead of time and you can fill it in during the webinar.
  3. The workbook has action steps and details that will help you too _____.

If a person signs up on the last day, then they’ll just get the Day 1 and Day 7 emails.

Send Text Message or Email Reminders

Send text message or email reminders to anyone who registers for your webinar.

Usually it’s best to send these one hour before the webinar, one 15 minutes before the webinar starts, and one when the webinar is going live. 

Most people have come to expect these reminders from other webinars they’ve attended.

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WebinarJam: Email, Phone and SMS Text Notifications through EverWebinar

Follow Up After the Webinar Ends

Follow up is critical to get more people to view your webinar and convert more leads into sales.

After the webinar, you should have two emails ready to send, one for people who showed up and one for people who didn’t.

Follow up with attendees

For people who showed up:

  • thank them for their time
  • share a link to the bonus they received for attending
  • share a link to the webinar replay in case they’d like to review anything
  • invite them to reply to the email with any questions
  • ask them what information they would like you to include on your next webinar, provide several suggestions, and invite them to hit reply and share their feedback

In this follow-up email, Silverpop thanks people for attending, shares a link to the recording, provides a few bonuses, and gives more information on their marketing offer.

Follow up with no-shows

For people who didn’t show up:

  • mention that you understand life can get busy
  • remind them that succeeding at _____ is work their time
  • recap what you went over in the webinar
  • share a link to the webinar replay
  • invite them to reply to your email with any questions

In this follow-up email, the sender reaches out to people who registered for but didn’t attend the webinar. The personalized message includes a link to the replay and a tantalizing recap of what the registrant can learn by watching it.

Turn your registration page into a replay page

If you ran a live webinar, now that the webinar is over you can turn your registration page into a replay page. If you running an automated webinar, then there’s no need to change anything on your webinar platform or website.

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